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Tsugo canadensis
A pyramidal evergreen tree with open loose branching and two-ranked needles. The terminal shoot is often described as flagging in the way it bends over.
Ilex opaca
A broad leaved evergreen tree with spiny leaf margins, dull green leaves and bright red berries.
Cornus kousa
An ornamental vase shaped tree with a rounded top, dark green leaves, white flower bracts, red raspberry-like fruit and exfoliating patched bark
Metasequoia glyptostroboides
A deciduous conifer with ascending branches in 45 degree angles and opposite arranged bright green leaves that have a feathery appearance
Aesculus x Carnea
A hybrid flowering tree with broad rounded habit, medium growth rate, dark green palmately compound leaves, upright rose-pink flower panicles which do not set fruit.
Pinus nigra
Diploidia Tip Blight has significantly diminished the use of this narrowleaved evergreen
Rhododendren Northern Lights
A group of deciduous azalea bred for hardiness in Minnesota with colorful flower trusses of pink, yellow, orange, and lilac
Parrotia Persica
An ornamental tree with oval rounded crown, glossy dark green leaves with scalloped margins, reddish purple fall color and showy exfoliating bark with age.
Magnolia Stelllata
A flowering ornamental tree with compact rounded crown, dark green leaves with yellow to bronze fall color, white fragrant flowers with 12-18 sepals and aggregate of follicle fruit.
Magnolia liliflora
A group of flowering trees with medium green leaves in summer, purplish flowers, fruits called an aggregate of follicle and cultivars with female names.
Cornus alternifolia
A Michigan native flowering tree with spreading horizontal branches in layers, dark green leaves, reddish purple fall color and stems, clusters of white flowers and blue-black fruit.
Syringa reticulata
A small flowering tree with oval rounded crown, cherry-like bark and large creamy white flower plumes
Larix larcininia
An American deciduous conifer and Michigan native with light green needles in season and yellow fall color; needles form star-like clusters on spurs.
Rhododendron PJM
A small leaved Rhododendron with small cluster of lavender flowers, dark green leaves in the summer and purple color in winter.
Chionanthus virginicus
Large shrub/small tree with spreading branches, glossy dark green leaves, white slightly fragment flowers and raised leave scars with sunken centers.
Pyrus Calleryana
A flowering ornamental tree that is pyramidal when young, maturing to an oval crown, glossy green leaves, reddish fall color, white flowers in late April-May and small green fruit.
Cornus florida
An ornamental tree with horizontal spreading branches, dark green leaves, reddish purple fall color, white floral bracts with notched tips and red fruit.
Ilex verticillata
A large deciduous shrub native to wet habitats with red berries persisting in winter on female plants.
Mahonia aquifolium
A broad leaved evergreen shrub with new leaf growth emerging reddish-purple in spring, yellow flowers in spring, blue-black fruits persisting into winter and purple fall color.
Abies fraseri
A North American native narrow leaved evergreen tree with glossy dark green needles with circular needle scars, pyramidal crown and most popular Christmas tree.
Picea pungens glauca
A pyramidal evergreen tree with stiff blue needles, cultivars noted for their bright blue foliage and serious problems with cytrospora canker and gall aphids.
Picea omorika
A slender narrowleaved evergreen tree with arching branches, flat dark green needles with white lines on the undersides.
Pinus Aristata
White dots on needles of this evergreen are caused by a resin exudate.
Picea abies
A narrowleaved evergreen tree with wide spread arching branches, dark green needles, orange stems and approximately 6" cones
Taxus x media
This evergreen shrub with dark green needles and a noted fruit called an aril is a cross between an English species and a Japanese species.
Chamaecyparis obtusa
A narrowleaved evergreen with dark green scale-like foliage with x and y markings on the underside of the scales.
Pinus strobus
A Michigan native, this tree is noted for its soft light green/bluish green needles (5 needles per bundle) and pyramidal habit when young that broadens with age.
Cryptomeria japonica
A tightly pyramidal evergreen with upright branches and bright green awl shaped needles that sheds branchlets in the fall.
Prunus subhirtella
An ornamental tree that forms varying cultivars form weeping to wide spreading, medium green leaves, pink flowers in May and most noted for its Pendula selection.
Yucca Filimentosa
This low spreading evergreen ground cover shrub erects stiff lanceolate leaves and flower spikes that can reach 5' tall.
Pinus bungeana
A narrow leaved evergreen tree with glossy dark green needles, 3 per bundle, and exfoliating patchy bark.
Prunus serrulata
A wide spreading flowering tree with shiny dark green needles, pink flowers, glossy bark with horizontal lenticels and a vase-shaped cultivar named 'Kwanzan'
Pinus parivflora
A conical narrow leaved evergreen tree when young, becoming wide spreading with age, irregular branches, 5 blue green needles per bundle that curve upward toward the stem giving it a tufted appearance.
Amelanchier arborea
An upright multi stemmed small tree with rounded crown, green leaves with serrated edges, yellow-orange-red fall color, white flowers and blue black fruit in June.
Sorbus americana
An ornamental tree with upright wide spreading crown, pinnately compound leaves medium green with yellow orange fall color, white flower clusters, orange fruit clusters and noted for its problem with borers.
Lonicera sempervirens
Twining vine, not vigorous. New leaves reddish, changing to bluish green, leaves appear fused to the stem, orange-red flowers and red fruit
Liriope spicata
Height 12", evergreen ground cover spreads by stolons, dark green grass- like foliage and violet flower scapes
Pachysandra procumbens
Height 12", Evergreen ground cover, spreads by rhizomes, medium green leaves and white flowers on spikes
Stephandra incisa
Mounded shrub, bright green leaves, reddish purple fall color, yellowish/white flowers and red new stems
Syringa vulgaris
A large upright shrub with bluish green leaves, fragrant violet flowers on dense panicles. Very adaptable and used in shrub borders
Syringa spatula 'Miss Kim'
A dense rounded shrub approximately 5-6ft. with dark green leaves (opposite arrangement) red/purple fall color, bluish flowers on dense panicles
Viburnum x burkwoodii
Upright multi-stemmed shrub with loose branching, dark green semi-evergreen leaves, white fragrant flowers red fruit that matures to black. Considered a plant for all seasons.
Viburnum acerifolium
Michigan Native, height 4-6', upright sparsely branched shrub with medium green leaves, red fall color and yellowish white flowers in June and black fruit ripening in September
Crataegus crus-gulli
Considered a large deciduous shrub/small tree with dense low spreading branches, white flowers, red fruit, 2-3" thorns.
Viburnum dentatum
A large Michigan native shrub with upright arching branches, red fall color, white flowers and blue black fruit. Water sprouts are usually as straight as an arrow
Viburnum rhytidophyllum
A large broad leaved evergreen shrub with medium green textured leaves, white flowers, black fruit and a cluster of flower buds that appeared to be flanked with horns.
Prunus x cistena
Rounded shrub, glossy purple leaves, pink flowers and known for contacting black knot.
Lonicera japonica 'Halliana'
Twining vine, deciduous - semi-evergreen, medium glossy green, fragrant white flower turn yellow and black fruit. Considered a noxious weed in the Northeast
Vinca minor
Trailing evergreen ground cover, dark green leaves, blue-violet flowers
Pachysandra terminalis
Height 12", evergreen ground cover, spreads by rhizomes, glossy green leaves and white flowers on spikes.
Viburnum nudum
An attractive shrub with upright branches, rounded top, dark green glossy leaves, purple red fall color, white flowers, and a cultivar named 'Brandywine'
Hypericum x 'Hidcote'
Rounded shrub, height 3', medium green leaves, yellow flowers and persistent brownish capsules
Deutzia gracilis
A dense rounded shrub with medium green leaves, tinged reddish purple fall color, white flowers and ground cover cultivar named 'Nikko'
Spirea japonica
Is a mounded shrub approximately 3-4' tall with glossy dark green leaves and pink/lavender flowers. It has numerous cultivars, some of which are 'Magic-Carpet', 'Crispa', and 'Goldflame'
Cotoneaster horizontalis
Is a low mounding shrub with dark glossy leaves, reddish purple fall color, pinkish/white flowers and fishbone branching
Aronia arbutifolia
Is an uptight multi-stemmed shrub with dark green leaves, bright red fall color, white flowers, red fruit that persist in winter and a cultivar named 'Brillantissima'
Pyracanthra coccinea
Is a large rounded semi-evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves, white flowers and clusters of orange fruit. Be careful touching, it has thorns
Ligustrum x vicaryi
Dense rounded shrub, height 10', golden yellow leaves, white flowers and dull black fruit
Viburnum plicatum tomentosum
A wide spreading shrub with distinct horizontal layers, white flowers horizontally displayed on the stem and red fruit changing to black with maturity
Viburnum carlesii
Round dense shrub with stiff branches, medium green leaves, reddish purple fall color, white fragrant flowers with pink tinges and black fruit