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  1. Shoulder
  2. Knee
  3. SI
  4. Eye
  5. Sacral Spine
  1. a
    (36.0 Shoulder is in the Scaphoid Fossa peripher to LM0 and LM15 where the Antihelix region representing the Neck meets the Antihelix region representing the body.)
  2. b
    (23.F Knee is at the center of the depression of the Triangular Fossa superior to LM17. Relieves knee pain.)
  3. c
    (65.0 Small Intestine is found on the Superior Concha below the Internal Helix Root. Relieves diarrhea, indigestion and abdominal distension.)
  4. d
    (On top surface of the Antihelix Inferior Crus between LM17 and LM1. S1 occurs at the midpoint of the Inferior Crus at LM17. Relieves low back and sciatica pain.)
  5. e
    (54.0 Eye is at center of Lobe at same location as Master Sensorial. Relieves poor eyesight, blurred vision, eye irritation, glaucoma, stye and conjunctivitis.)

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  1. (30.0 Fingers is on the uppermost Scaphoid Fossa covered by the Superior Helix brim. Relieves pain, swelling, peripheral neuralgia, frostbite and arthritis in fingers.)

  2. (84.C Kidney is found on Superior Concha below LM16 and superior to LM0 and Stomach point. Relieves kidney disorders, urination problems, nephritis, pyelitis. Also for TCM Kidney problems such as bone fractures, low back pain, ear disorders, deafness, tinnitus, bleeding gums, hair loss, stress and headaches.)

  3. (83.0 Pancreas is on peripheral Superior Concha and adjacent Concha Wall. Relieves diabetes, hypoglycemia and pancreatitis.)

  4. (28.F Toes is in the Triangular Fossa covered by the Superior Helix brim. Relieves pain in toes and peripheral neuralgia in the feet.)

  5. (On top surface of the Antihlix Inferior Crus between LM16 and LM17. L1 lies above LM16 where the Inferior Crus begins. Represents sacroiliac muscles and ligaments; relieves low back and sciatica pain and peripheral neuralgia. Relieves back strain and disc degeneration.)

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  1. Nose
    (57.5 External Nose is found on central side of inferior Lobe. Relieves sunburned nose, pain of broken nose.)


  2. Cervical Spine
    (On Concha side of Antihelix Tail, between LM14 and LM15. C1 is near the Antitragal-Antihlix groove and C7 is above the Concha Ridge. Relieves neck strain and pain, torticollis, headaches and TMJ.)


  3. Ankle
    (57.5 External Nose is found on central side of inferior Lobe. Relieves sunburned nose, pain of broken nose.)


  4. Elbow
    (79.0 Liver is on peripheral Concha Ridge and Concha Wall peripheral to Stomach point. Relieves hepatitis, cirrhosis, jaundice, alcoholism, gall bladder problems, regulates blood disorders, anemia, TCM: heals sprains and strains of muscles. Improves eyesight blood circulation, digestive disorders, fainting, convulsions and paralysis due to stroke.)


  5. Wrist
    (32.0 Wrist is in the Scaphoid Fossa central to LM4 of Darwin's Tubercle. Relieves pain, strain and swelling in wrist, reducing carpal tunnel syndrome.)