Ch4 p 136 los verbos y los verbos reflexivos

39 terms by Raz-2009

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almorzar, almuerzo

to have lunch (conjugate)

cerrar, cierro

to close (conjugate)


to rest


to sleep

dormir la siesta

to take a nap

empezar, empiezo

to begin; to start (conjugate)

empezar a inf.

to begin to (do something)

entender, entiendo

to understand (conjugate)

hacer, hago

to do; to make (conjugate)

hacer ejercicio

to exercise

hacer un viaje

to take a trip

hacer una pregunta

to ask a question

jugar, juego

to play (a game, sport) (conjugate)

oìr, oigo, oyes

to hear; to listen to (music, the radio) (conjugate 3x)

pedir, pido

to ask for; to order (conjugate)

pensar, pienso

to think (about) (conjugate)

perder, pierdo

to lose; to miss (an event) (conjugate)

poner, pongo

to put; to place; to turn on (an appliance) (conjugate)

salir, salgo

to leave (a place) (conjugate)

servir, sirvo

to serve (conjugate)

traer, traigo

to bring (conjugate)

ver, veo

to see (conjugate)

volver, vuelvo

to return (to a place) (conjugate)

volver a inf.

to (do something) again


to go to bed


to shave


to take a bath

cepillarse los dientes

to brush one's teeth


to wake up


to have a good time, enjoy oneself


to fall asleep


to take a shower


to get up (out of bed); to stand up


to be called


to brush/comb one's hair


to put on (an article of clothing)


to take off (an article of clothing)


to sit down


to get dressed

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