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electrons in the outer layer

valence electrons are the

most contact with other atoms

valence electrons have the

makes atoms stable

an octect in the outer shell

lost gained or shared

electrons are ___ ____ _____ to form and octect

metals react with nonmetals

ionic compounds results when

lose, number of valence electrons

metals ____ electrons to match the __________ of their nearest noble gas

positive less than the number of protons

_____ ions form when the number of electrons are


group 1A 2A and 3A are _____-

3 e-

number of valence electrons in aluminum is

lose 3e-

change in electrons for octect is


ionic charge of aluminum is


ionic charge for 12 p+ and 10 e- is


ionic charge for 50 p+ and 46 e-


ionic charge for 15 p+ and 18 e-

it does not have enough electrons on a level so it has to get more protons

why does Ca form a Ca2+ ion

it has to much electrons on a level so it has to have more electrons

why does O form O2- ion

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