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inhalation agents

agents that are inhaled & pass into the blood stream via pulmonary function

induction agents

those medications used to permit a rapid & pleasant transition from a state of consciousness to unconsciousness, passing through the excitement or delirium stage

dissociative agent

selectively interrupt the associative pathways of the brain

opiate/narcotic analgesics

produce a decrease in pain impulse transmission

benzodiazapine antagonist

work by competing for benzodiazepine inhibitory receptor sites


sedative/tranquilizer; aides in management of POVN; may be used in combination with fentanyl citrate

neuromuscular blockade agents-depolarizing

binds to receptor sites on the muscle side of the neuromuscular junction to prevent muscle contraction

neuromuscular blockade agents - non-depolarizing

bind to receptor sites on the nerve side of the neuromuscular junction to prevent muscle contraction

neuromuscular blockade reversal

increases production of or the breakdown of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction

antimuscarinic (anticholinergic)

blocks the effects of acetylcholine & vagus nerve stimulation; increases heart rate; decreases bronchial & gastric secretions

nerve blockades amides & esters

blocks nerve conduction


relaxes smooth muscles of the bronchi & stimulates contraction of peripheral blood vessel wall muscles

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