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NJ State Driver's Exam Study Guide

Car Must be inspected
every two years
Illegally getting a drivers license may result in
fine of 200-$500 and/or 30-90 day jail term
Altering or showing an altered license may result in
A fine, imprisonment, suspension.
You mus have what kind of insurance
Headlights must be used
1/2 hour before sunrise and sunset and in conditions restricting view over 500 ft away.
If you are under 21 with a BAC of .01% driving, you are subject to
30-90 days suspension, 15-30 days community service, alcohol education and safe highway program
You may not park within _____ of a fire hydrant
10 ft
3 points can be subtracted from a license if you have no moving violations...
for a year
To back your car in a straight line you should
Turn as far to the right as necessary to see out the back and back up slowly
To make a right turn you should
get in the right lane
When driving at night make sure you can stop...
in the distance you can see ahead of you
If you go into a skid you should
remove foot from gas pedal.
If a tire blows out
gradually slow down
If a passenger over 18 is found without a seat belt, who is held responsible?
the passenger
If a vehicle is passing you, you should
slow down to let them pass.
A person may drive on private or public property to avoid a traffic sign or signal if...
instructed to do so by a cop
in city driving you should
drive slower, watch for pedestrians, uphold the 12 second rule.
When driving around a curve, the vehicle tends to...
go straight
When you begin to hydroplane you should...
slow down (hydroplaning is losing the tire grip on wet roads and riding on a film of water)
To keep a proper distance between you and drivers in front of you, stay at least
2 seconds away
After driving through a deep puddle, you should immediately check your...
A diamond shaped sign is a
warning or caution sign
A triangular sign is a
yield sign.
If not prohibited by a no turn on red sign, you may turn on red after...
making a full stop and checking for pedestrians and/or other drivers
Drugs affecting driving skills are
cold pills, tranquilizers, some prescription drugs.
If you sell your car and do not buy another, what should you do with the plates?
Turn them into the MV and get a receipt.
If you move to NJ your car must be inspected within
14 days of registration
You may not park within this distance of a stop sign
50 ft
When you know an emergency vehicle approaches you should
pull over as far right as you can until it passes
The speed in a school zone unless otherwise posted is
When a school bus has parked at a school you may pass at or under what speed
When the road is marked with one broke one solid line you may...
pass on the side with the broken line
The procedure for turning from a two way road into a four lane highway is...
Get as close to the center lane as possible, turn before the center of the intersection, turn into the left lane going your direction.
If you miss an exit...
Go to the next exit, never back up
To regain control in a skid, you should turn the wheel...
in the direction the back of the car is skidding.
If your brakes give out suddenly, you should...
Shift to a lower gear, pump the emergency brake.
If a passenger 17 or younger is caught without a seatbelt on, who is held responsible?
the driver.
To communicate on highways...
Use horn and lights.
When approaching a steadily yellow light you should...
Stop if possible before entering the intersection.
If a student driver commits a traffic offense, who is held responsible?
the student and instructor/licensed driver
High beams are used for
Open country driving
A hand and arm upward means a
right turn
If your license is suspended, you may not
drive until the suspension is over for any circumstances. The penalty for violating this is a first-offense fine of $500 and up to 6 months additional license suspension.
An octagonal sign means
If you refuse a breath test and it is your first offense, you face
250-$500 fine, 7 month to 1 year suspension, $1000 a year for 3 years
1 1/2 oz. shot of 86 proof liquor equates...
12oz. beer, 5oz. wine
Implied Consent law is...
If you drive, you agree to a breath test following an arrest for drinking and driving/
You may or may not be under the influence with a BAC of
.05% to .08%
The two second rule and 12 second rule refer to
following distance
With a BAC of .15%, your probability of an accident
is 25 times as great.
When driving you must have your...
license, registration, insurance card.
First signs of drunkenness are usually
Talkativeness, boosted self esteem, impaired judgement
The penalty for driving after having lost your license for drug/alcohol use is...
$500 fine, possible 90 day jail term, another 1 to 2 years added to suspension
These will increase your chances of an accident even after one or two drinks only...
Experience, mood, other substances used.
The only way to sober up is
When using brakes, new drivers commonly...
press to hard on them
The best way to take a curve is to
slow down before the curve
If two cars enter an uncontrolled intersection or a four way stop at the same time, the car to the ____ must yield.
If a collision is unavoidable, you can lessen the impact by...
hitting things that give.
A hand and arm downward signal
to stop or slow down
The speed limit in a NJ residential or business district is
25MPH unless otherwise specified.
Before turning, one must signal...
100 ft or 12 seconds in advance.
You may pass on the right on a two lane highway when...
There is enough room and the driver in front of you is turning left.
Any change of address must be reported within
1 week
A legal name change for any reason must be reported to the MV within
2 weeks
You may not park within how many feet of a crosswalk?
If you license is lost or stolen, you must notify...
your local police
You should always yield to
Emergency vehicles, pedestrians, other vehicles in an intersection.
You are required to keep to the right unless
When impractical to do so, When passing, when on a one way street.
When a school bus's red lights are flashing, you must
When parking up hill, your wheels should be turned
Away from the curb.
When making a left turn from a two lane road, you should get close to the...
Lane nearest to the center of the road.
Signals should be used
when changing lanes, turning, slowing down.
To avoid highway hypnosis, you should
Move your eyes every few seconds.
Roads are the most slippery
during the first few minutes of rain
In the event of a crash or sudden stop, seatbelts may Keep you from
being thrown from the car, from hitting the windshield or dashboard, from sliding in your seat and losing control. They increase your chance of survival.
It is good practice to keep a space cushion ( distance between cars in front and back of you) to...
Give you time to react
A railroad crossing sign is a
Black and yellow circle
When reaching an uncontrolled intersection you should...
reduce speed, be prepared to stop
The two second rule can be used at any speed to help you
keep a safe following distance.
You are presumed drunk once your BAC reaches
If a person gets tanked at your house and gets into an accident, you may
become involved in a lawsuit.
When a hand is outwardly stretched, it signifies
a left turn
These driving skills are impaired by alcohol
Alertness, judgment, reaction
A single white line at the entrance of an intersection commands
a halt within 5 feet of the line
If you run off the pavement, you should first...
slow down, turn back onto the pavement slowly
When parking downhill, your wheels should be turned
to the right, towards the curb
A child is required to be in a child restraint device (car seat) if he or she is
is under 8 and under 80 pounds. Under 8 but over 80 pounds necessitates no booster seat.
If you're angry or excited you should not drive until you...
Have cooled off.
When two roads intersect without signs or lights as guidance, be prepared to
stop if necessary
Studies show most drunk drivers have been inebriated by...
The first conviction for drinking and driving may constitute
$250-$400 fine, possible imprisonment for 30 days, loss of license 6 months to a year
A flashing red light indicates
stop, then proceed with caution.
The order of lights on a traffic light go in order from top to bottom
Red, yellow, green
A green arrow means
proceed as shown by the arrow
A yellow line down the center of the road
separates traffic flow in opposite directions
When a GDL driver is at the wheel, who must be seat belted?
all passengers.
How close may you park to a corner?
25 ft
What is the stopping distance on dry roads at 50mph?
243 ft
What is the proper distance you may park to the curb?
6 inches
What are the penalties for driving without insurance?
suspension of driver's license and registration and fines
Serious accidents causing death, injury, or $200 damage must be reported in 5 days to?
Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
Points are only issued for
moving violations
When will you be given a proposed License Suspension Notice?
when you have received 12 points
What is the penalty for not telling the truth when applying for a license?
No less than a $200 fine and/or up to 6 months imprisonment
What is the proper lane to turn into when making a left turn?
The lane nearest the center in the direction you are heading
What is the purpose of traffic laws?
to protect you and other drivers
If you feel or hear an unusual thumping noise while driving it may be?
the tires
What is the best advice if you car is stranded in a heavy snow storm?
stay with your car
What is good practice when driving in the city?
check intersections ahead for signals
What must you do if you want to turn left at a traffic light?
yield to the oncoming traffic
If the front of your car vibrates, the problem may be with your
what do two parallel white lines across a road mean?
pedestrian crosswalk
which lights should you use when driving in fog?
low beams
when should you use your horn?
if you are driving out of an alley
Double solid center lines would usually be found where?
on a winding two-way raod (no passing)
What does a green light mean?
proceed when safe
What direction should you check first when approaching an intersection?
to the left
if the lights of oncoming cars are in your eyes, what should you do?
look to the lower right side of your traffic lane
The safest way to exit an expressway is to?
slow your car to the posted exit speed
what should you do if your electric signals fail to operate?
use hand signals
one of the best defenses against a drunk driver is?
proper wearing of a safety belt
special permits may be issued at age 16 when?
enrolled in a Behind the Wheel DE Course or a Commercial DE Course and purchased by an approved driver
When approaching a railroad crossing with flashing lights
stop within 50 ft but not less than 15 ft of the nearest rail
If you want to return to the road from a dirt shoulder
slow down, then turn your wheels to climb the pavement edge
an agricultural license allows the operation of a farm registered vehicle only...
for agricultural purposes
whether your BAC rises above legal limits depends on
how fast you drink, how much you drink, your weight, what you eat
the best way to reduce your chances of an alcohol related accident is
don't drive at all after drinking
if you are arrested for drunk driving in NJ, you chances of being convicted are
What is a "Habitual Offender"?
a person whose license has been suspended 3 times within 3 years
with a blood alcohol concentration of 0 to .05%
you are not under the influence
NJ licensed drivers must take an eyesight recheck
every 10 years
what is a good rule for following distances on dry roads?
on car length back for each 10mph speed or 2-3 second space bwtn cars
What does tailgating mean?
driving too close to the vehicle in front. it does not allow you enough time to react if the vehicle ahead suddenly stops or slows down
When should you dim your headlights?
in city driving and when following or meeting another vehicle within 500 ft
What is an acceleration lane?
an extra lane provided at the entrance to an expressway