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Bible Unit 6 Practice Test

went from being a coward to courageous
bear fruit
main command from John 15
principle of the kingdom of heaven
the high priest at the time of Jesus' trial
donated his own tomb for Jesus' burial
self-sacrificial love
brotherly, friendly love
husband and wife love
family love
criminal: released to the Jews when Jesus was crucified
former high priest
"I won't believe it until I see the wounds in His hands and side."
the first disciple to recognize the catch of fish was the work of Jesus
"Yes, Lord, you know that I love you."
thought the risen Christ was a gardener
betrayed Jesus with a kiss
lost his ear to Peter when Jesus was arrested
What symbolic element was present at both Peter's denial and Peter's restoration?
3 pm
At what hour did Christ's death occur?
that you many believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God
What was John's purpose for writing this gospel (needs to be as close to John 20:31 as possible)?
What book of the Bible did Jesus quote when resisting temptation?
Feed the little lambs (Feed My lambs)
Give the first command Jesus gave Peter after asking him "do you love me"?
Feed the little sheep (Tend My sheep)
Give the second command Jesus gave Peter after asking him "do you love me"?
Feed the larger sheep (Feed My sheep)
Give the third command Jesus gave Peter after asking him "do you love me"?
to live or dwell in
What does "abide" literally mean?
Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea
Who were the two secret disciples who started following Jesus after His death?
How many pounds of spices/perfumes did the two secret disciples purchase for Jesus' burial?
His wrath
What part of God did Jesus' death on the cross satisfy?
the disciple Peter
What disciple arrived at the tomb first after Mary told him Jesus' body was gone?
Annas was Caiaphas' ___.
saw Jesus and Jesus spoke to him
After Thomas ___ , then he believed.
wept bitterly
After denying Jesus, Peter ___ because of his grief.
quoting scripture
Jesus resisted temptation by ___.
in the boat
During the 1st fishing miracle, Jesus was ___.
on the shore
During the 2nd fishing miracle, Jesus was ___.
The hill Jesus was crucified on was called The Place of the ___.
shine their light
Israel's job in the world was to ___, not separate and accommodate.
The process of God making old things into new things is called ___.
How many soldiers were in the group that arrested Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane?
"I AM he"
What did Jesus say that made the soldiers at His arrest fall to the ground?
we often create a mess that Jesus has to clean up
What happens when we try to "defend" God?
hung himself
What did Judas do after he betrayed Jesus?
Jesus cleansed the temple which he was in charge of
Why did Anna dislike Jesus so much?
it satisfied His wrath toward sin and opened salvation up for all mankind
How could God actually "enjoy" the death of His Son?
when Jesus was gone - time of silence
During what period of time did the disciples decide to go back to fishing?
dungeon below Caiaphas' house
Where did Jesus spend the night after finishing His final Jewish trial?
According to John what color was the robe that they dressed Jesus in before He was crucified?
According to Matthew what color was the robe that they dressed Jesus in before He was crucified?
Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews
What did the soldiers inscribe above Jesus' cross?
Rabboni (Teacher)
What did Mary call Jesus when she realized who He was outside the tomb?
living water (eternal life)
What did Jesus offer the woman at the well?
through Samaria
What is the most direct route from Judea to Galilee?
tax collector
What was Levi's job before Jesus called him as a disciple?
What foreign group did Jesus meet with during the Passover week?
people never share the same hallucinations esp. 500 at one time
How do you refute the Hallucination Theory?
Jesus' disciples knew Him intimately for 3 years and you cannot fake Jesus' wounds
How do you refute the Impersonation Theory?
Jesus would have ad to roll the stone away, fight off Roman guards, and then walk to town
How do you refute the Swoon Theory?
the grave clothes were neatly folded
How do you refute the Theft Theory?
everyone who "saw Jesus" after His death was just hallucinating
What is the Hallucination Theory?
someone who looked like Jesus was pretending to be Him and fooled His disciples
What is the Impersonation Theory?
Jesus only passed out on the cross and then was resuscitated in the tomb
What is the Swoon Theory?
Jesus' body was stolen
What is the Theft Theory?