Wordlist 11 (GSOM students only)


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articulate (the objectives)
able to speak clearly and expressively
Using language in a clear fluent way (adj); speak distinctly or give clarity to an idea (verb)
entrepreneurial approach to the public sector that emphasizes management methods of the private sector
A group of machined or handmade parts that fit together to form a self-contained unit
retail bank
financial institution that deals directly with individual customers but may also serve businesses as well
participant observation
a research method in which investigators systematically observe people while joining them in their routine activities
documentary data collection
facts, statistics and details from different sources
case study
a detailed study of a particular situation, person, or group, especially over a period of time
suit to smth
If something suits someone or something, it is right for that person or thing or situation, or it makes that person or thing look more attractive.

Wednesday at ten o'clock for the meeting suits me perfectly.
to trace
to find someone or something that was lost
to find the origin of something
in, from, or to other countries:
We need to open up overseas markets.
There are a lot of overseas students studying at our college.
Many more people go/travel/live/work overseas these days.
to constitute
to be or be considered as something:
This latest defeat constitutes a major setback for the Democrats.
something that exists apart from other things, having its own independent existence
exhibit features of smth
Демонстрировать особенности чего-л.
to elucidate
to explain something or make something clear
in-depth elucidation
smth explained very carefully
In statistics sampling is concerned with the selection of a subset of individuals from within a statistical population to estimate characteristics of the whole population.
insights (into)
the ability to understand what something is really like, or an example of this
dominance (of)
power, influence, and control
in some instances
в некоторых случаях
the term associates the case study with ...
этот термин ассоциирует исследуемый процесс с ...
what distinguishes a case study from other research design is the focus on ...
то, что отличает case study от других методов исследования, это фокусирование на ...
the emphasis tends to be upon ...
акцент делается на ...
there is a tendency to associate ... with ...
есть тенденция ассоциировать ... с ...
the relationship that exists between parasites
tear down
to intentionally destroy a building or structure
not trying to hide your bad behaviour
existing as a physical building, especially a shop, rather than doing business only on the internet
a person who is changing a place from being a poor area to a richer one, by moving to live there
upscale growth
very high increasing
expose a conflict
to make a disagreement seen (выставлять конфликт на-показ)
the quality of being real or true
pressure group
a group of people who work together to try to influence what other people or the government think about a particular subject, in order to achieve the things they want
civil servant
a person who works in the Civil Service
trade union leader
someone who leads or manages a trade union
catchment areas
the area served by a school
opinion former
a person whose opinions about something such as a product or issue have a big influence on the opinions of others
the fact of something continuing to be used without getting damaged
the fact of something continuing without failing
When you refer to people's parentage, you mean their parents and/or their parent's country and social class
pilot stage
experimental period
the process of changing the way that people think about a product, service, or company
all the signs that advertise a product, etc.; signs that tell people what something is or where to go
when person is providing the power to keep a machine working (управляемый человеком)
asset values
a figure showing the total value of the assets of a company or organization, often used by investors to study a company's share price, its value when sold, etc.
send shock waves
to cause a very strong reaction that spreads through a group of people when something surprising or bad happens
extremely bad in a way that is very noticeable
mortgage default
to fail to pay for an agreement that allows you to borrow money from a bank or similar organization
words of advice and comfort intended to make someone feel less worried
such an identification is not appropriate
Этот способ идентификации неподходящий
small, especially when compared to other things like it:
The house is like a small-scale castle.
1) the quality of being new and unusual
2) something that has not been experienced before and so is interesting
3) a cheap unusual object such as a small toy, often given as a present
to cause a liquid to change to a gas, especially by heating
to repeat the main points of an explanation or description
a large group of things or people, especially one that is attractive or causes admiration or has been positioned in a particular way
1) a collection of things or a group of people or animals
2 )the process of joining or putting things together
ecological niche
a term with a variety of meanings related to the fit of a species living under specific environmental conditions
???( нет такого слова, возможно, опечатка )
relating to the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion.
1) what you can see when you cut through the middle of something;
2) a group of people or things that are typical of a larger group;
intrinsic cases
is the study of a case (e.g., person, specific group, occupation, department, organization) where the case itself is of primary interest in the exploration.
ideographic approach
describes research goals that focus on the individual rather than focusing on or generalizing individual results to the entire population (which is called the nomothetic approach).
nomothetic approach
used in personality psychometrics like the Big Five personality traits uses personality characteristics and generalizes them from the individual to the population as a whole.
generic issues
is a well-defined, discrete, technical or security issue, the risk/or safety significance of which can be adequately determined.
the money that a government receives from taxes or that an organization, etc. receives from its business.
a line or measurement that is used as a starting point when comparing facts.
provides a vehicle through which methods can be combined
Обеспечивает транспортные средства, и методы могут быть объединены
has emphasized the importance of
Делал акцент на важности
is relatively little used in
Относительно мало используется в
that is typically used to
Это обычно используется, чтобы
capture data
Any method of collecting information and then changing it into a form that can be read
to come as a surprise
to be unexpected
of the highest kind, quality, or order; surpassing all else or others; supreme; extreme
resource partitioning
division of resources
to live somewhere
the food that you need to stay alive and healthy
drag smth off smth
to pull or remove someone or something off someone or something
Imitate (someone or their actions or words), especially in order to entertain or ridicule
nutrient cycle
The transfer of elements essential for the nutrition of living organisms, from the organisms, to their physical surroundings, and back again, in a continuous cycle.
the activity of obtaining the equipment and resources you need for a particular activity
the act of helping a person or organization that is in difficulty, usually by giving or giving or lending money
the moment at which something unpleasant begins
a reduction in the amount or success of something, such as a country's economic activity
to make something last a longer time
the fact that an animal hunts, kills, and eats other animals
a relationship between two organisms in which they live together and benefit each other