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Connotative vs. Denotative Definition

Denotative Definition
dictionary meaning, objective definition, no opinion, tells what something is
Connotative Definition
subjective meaning of a word or phrase based on personal experiences and beliefs
Gaze, Look steadily, Stare
Positive: Gaze
Neutral: look steadily
Negative: Stare
Fragrance, Odor, a smell sensed by the olfactory nerve
Positive: Fragrance
Neutral: A smell
Negative: Odor
Brainwash, persuade, influence one way or another
Positive: Persuade
Neutral: Influence one way or another
Negative: Brainwash
Delayed, not on time, tardy
Positive: Delayed
Neutral: Not on time
Negative: Tardy
Lazily, Without haste, leisurely
Positive: Leisurely
Neutral: Without haste
Negative: Lazily
Slim, Skinny, Less than average build
Positive: Slim
Neutral: Less than average build
Negative: Skinny