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Chapter 2 Latin America Shaped by Its History

Mrs.Soto's 6th grade Social Studies Chapter 2 Latin America Shaped by Its History
What is a criollo?
someone who was born in Latin America, but had Spanish parents
This is the power given by Spain to settlers to demand taxes or labor from Native Americas?
What do you call the signs and symbols that were part of a writing system used by the Mayas to record their history?
Many Latin American are moving from rural region of Latin America to where?
the cities
What did the Incas use to carry water from a lake to fields many miles away?
What do you call a military officer who gained power in Latin America after independence?
Incas used these knotted string to record infomation
The Aztecs built a great civilization in the area now know as what?
the Valley of Mexico
What are accomplishments of the Incas?
roads and aqueducts
What did not contribute to the Spanish victory over the Aztecs?
the Spanish had more soldiers
Spain's two most important colonies in the Americas were ?
New Spain and Peru
What was one result of the population explosion in Latin America?
an increase in people moving to cities
What was the first European colony in the Americas to win independence?
Name two leader who contributed to independence in South America?
Jose de San martin and Simon Bolivar
What were the caudillos who ruled Latin America countries after independence mainly concerned with?
getting rich and holding power
What is true about Foreign companies in Latin America?
Foreign companies often controlled the economies of Latin American countries
The cities of Copan and Tikal were part of what civilization?
Mayan civilization
Tenochtitlan was the center of which ancient civilization?
Aztec civilization
The Incan civilization was located where in South America?
along the western coast of South America
What did the Line of Demarcation divided?
control of the territory in South America between Spain and Portugal
Which European country was Brazil once a colony of ?
Many Latin American countries did what when the price of oil rose in the 1980"s ?
borrowed money from wealthy counties
What animal did not come from the Americas to Europe?
Simon Bolivar's leadership joined which independent areas to become the federation called Gran Colombia?
independent Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama
How do many Latin American countries tried to control foreign investment?
keeping foreign companies from buying too much land
What world events inspired Haiti's fight for independence?
The war the colonists of North America fought with Britain and the uprising of the French people against their royal rulers. The American and French revolution.
What effect do you think Haiti's fight had on other parts of Latin America?
probably inspired other people in Latin America to want their independence
Give three reasons why a relatively small band of Spanish soldiers were able to conquer much of Latin America and its people?
1. guns, cannons, and horses
2. Spanish carried diseases that affect the Native people
3. had help from Native Americans that were angry with other Native American because of local rivlries