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music from euro nation-state Bosnia and Herzegovina rhythm is not metered interval of a major second


three stringed cello sized instrument


base and harmony line that is repeated again and again


region of southern poland in the tantra mountains

Pox sovieta

soviet peace


dance that focuses on a single couple


portable small reed organ


double reed instrument with two pipes, snake charming, distinctive nasal whine


song, devotional in nature and relatively simple technically that is sung primarily as an offering to God, may be sung to a soloist with backup of violins flutes harmonium and drums

carnatic music

karantaka sangeeta; classical music of South India. roots lie in the past in ancient palaces and kingdoms in south india


traditional music of North india expansive improvisations move from very slow sections to extremely fast sections. musical texture is more busy


principle song form of south indian classical music


time cycle


a note; carnatic music is quite different than the fixed stable note in western music


cultural clubs that bring to their members and the general public music, dance, plays, lectures, and even an occasional movie. sponsors programs and concerts

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