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Political parties & capital

Pierre L'Enfant
Designed the nation's capital with a center mall & rectangular city blocks.
Bill of Rights
The first 10 amendments to the Constitution that protects people's fundamental rights.
John Adams
The first president to live in the White House.
The presidents top officials.
A type of government where the people hold the ultimate power.
Executive Branch
The president is the head of this branch of government.
Alexander Hamilton
Supported a strong federal government. The Federalist Party was founded on his conservative ideals.
U.S. Constitution
Establishes government, is the supreme law of the land, protects the people but DOES NOT set up the political parties.
Supported the political principals of Thomas Jefferson, who believed that ordinary citizens with proper education could govern themselves.
Maryland & Virginia
The 10 X 10 mile site where the capital was built.
Benjamin Banneker
The free son of a slave who made the calculations for the survey of the national capital.
Counted the number of American citizens to determine the number of state representatives in the House of Representatives.
George Washington
Set many precedents for presidents after him to follow. The capital was named after him.
Winning elections & holding public office
How political parties control government.
Free market economy
Demand & competition set the prices & supplies of goods in this type of economy.
Someone who earns money by buying (land or bonds) at a low price & selling later at a higher price.
An economic system based on individual or company ownership of goods & services in a competitive market.
Where the author explains the purpose of his or her book.