Anglo Saxon Vocab: Prefix-A-: "on", "in", "in state of"

aboard (adv.)
on a ship, train, bus, etc. (Come ******)
aboard (prep.)
on (a stowaway was ****** the freighter)
afoul (adj.)
in a state of entanglement (fisherman with their lines *****)
afoul of (prep.)
in or into collision or entanglement with ( They ran ***** of the law.)
aloof (adv.)
in state of being at a distance (I stood *****.)
aloof (adj.)
to be withdrawn (Join us. Don't be *****.)
amiss (adv.)
in a missing-the-marker manner; wrong (Something went *****.)
amiss (adj.)
wrong; imperfect; faulty ( Is anything *****.)
in an apart position; apart ( Friends were torn *******.) [adverb]