Snakes Unmasked

Do poisonous snakes have slanted eyes while non-poisonous snakes have round eyes?
What should you do if a snake bites you?
Don't suck the venom out
If it is venomous, immobilize above the heart and get to the hospital
Do rattlesnakes smell like cucumbers in the woods?
No, but they do have a stinky musk
Are snakes that give live birth non-poisonous and snakes that lay eggs poisonous?
No, venomous snakes usually give live birth but so do some nonvenomous
Can a snake climb up its body when it is being held by the tail?
Are snakes tongues always forked?
Yes, this lets them use the Jacobsen's organ
Do snakes exhibit tail-autonomy?
No, they use other defense mechanisms
Is the bite of the anaconda deadly due to bacteria?
It can be
When a snake eats something larger than its body, causing it to stretch out, how are the snake's organs protected from the pressure?
Their bodies expand and flex
If the prey is too big they just spit it back up
How well do snakes see?
Snakes register images but no color. They are really good at detecting movement
If they don't burrow, whose holes do they steal?
Most snakes don't dig holes
They steal crayfish, rodent, tree root, soft soil holes
Sidewinder can bury in sand
Some can bury in leaves
Do snakes have legs?
No, but some boas and pythons have remnants of hind legs and some have claws
Can snakes crawl backwards?
No, but they can turn around really quick
What are pit organs?
Thermosensors to find endotherms
Can snakes hear and smell?
They pick up vibrations through their bones and use their Jacobsen's organ
Why and how do snakes shed their skin?
Their cells thicken and pull away from the second layer. They are ill-tempered when shedding. They shed because the old layer takes a beating. They can't shed continuously like us
How long do snakes live?
Record Pauley saw was a bull python that was 47 years old
Captive snakes generally live 15-30 years.
Wild rattlesnakes live about 25 years
Garter snakes live about 9 years
Do snakes hibernate?
Yes, it is critical that they do
This is a snake orgy pic
Do snakes have enemies?
Hawks, people, mongoose, scorpions, spiders
How does a rattlesnake rattle?
Get a new ring every time they shed their skin, shake the loose fitting scales rapidly to make rattle sound
Do snakes get sick?
Yes, they can get bacterial infections, cancer, parasites, viruses, or scale rot
Do snakes hypnotize their prey?
No, the reason they stare is to see movement
Do all venomous snakes have a triangular head?
Some do, some don't
Do snakes chase people?
It may seem that way if you are in front of its home, but they don't chase people
Do snakes milk cows?
Milk snakes are said to be able to, but they don't
Snakes live in barns to eat rodents, not to milk cows
Do venomous and nonvenomous snakes interbreed?
Can snakes be charmed?
No, snake is just being defensive and following the flute