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Sp 3 BB Int. Ch 4 Pres Perfecto

Flashcards on verbs in the present perfect tense.
He visto
I have seen
Hemos visto
We have seen
Ha escrito
He has wrote
Han escrito
They have wrote
He bailado
I have danced
Hemos bailado
We have danced
Ha vuelto
He has returned
Han vuelto
They have returned
He vendido
I have sold
Hemos vendido
We have sold
Ha muerto
He has died
Han muerto
They have died
He salido
I have left
Ha salido
He has left
Hemos abierto
We have opened
Han abierto
They have opened
He roto
I have broke
Ha roto
He has broke
Hemos cubierto
We have covered
Han cubierto
They have covered
He puesto
I have put
Ha puesto
He has put
Hemos hecho
We have done
Han hecho
They have done
He dicho
I have said
Ha dicho
He has said
Hemos descubierto
We have discovered
Han descubierto
They have discovered