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andar mal de salud

to be sick

andar mal de dinero

to be broke

aprender de memoria

to memorize

caerle bien

to make a good impression on

caerle mal

to make a bad impression on

caerse muerto

to drop dead

cambiar de idea

to change one's mind

contar con

to count on

costarle trabajo

to be difficult for someone

creer que sí

to think so

creer que no

to think not

deberse a

to be due to

decir disparates

to talk nonsense

decir que sí

to say yes

decir que no

to say no

dejar caer

to drop

dormir a pierna suelta

to sleep like a log

ganarse la vida

to earn one's living

llamar a la puerta

to knock at the door

llevar a cabo

to carry out, to accomplish

llevarse bien con

to get along with

llevarse mal con

to not get along with

mantener el interés

to hold one's interest

morirse de risa

to die laughing

no servir para nada

to be good for nothing

pagar al contado

to pay cash

pagar en efectivo

to pay cash

pasar lista

to call roll

pasarlo bien

to have a good time

pasarlo mal

to have a bad time

perder el tiempo

to waste one's time

ponerse de acuerdo

to agree

ponerse de pie

to stand up

portarse bien

to behave

partarse mal

to misbehave

prestar atención

to pay attention

quedarle bien

to look good on someone

quedarle mal

to look bad on someone

querer decir

to mean

saber a

to taste like

sacar una foto

to take a picture

sacar una nota

to get a grade

sentar bien

to suit one

ser aficionado a

to be a fan of

ser hora de

to be time to

tocarle a uno

to be one's turn

tomar el sol

to sunbathe

tomarle el pelo

to pull someone's leg

valer la pena

to be worthwhile

volverse loco

to go crazy

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