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Vocab from chapter 11 of WEX

Nicholas II

Czar of Russia during WWI


Nicholas' wife

gregory rasputin

Helped Alexandra's son live. Imposed will on Russian gov.

nadezhda krupskaya

Lenin's wife- spread radical ideas.

leon trotsky

a marxist

red guards

armed factory workers, worked for Lenin


those loyal to the czar


secret police for Stalin

mikhail sholokhov



union of soviet socialist republics


new economic policy. by lenin. allowed for a bit of small private buisnesses. peasants kept their grain

great purge

when the secret police targeted anyone stalkin felt may be against him. Killed/sent to siberia.


communist international (by lenin). aided revolutionary groups.

command economy

gov't owned everything - gave people money/rescources


government owned plots for farming where many peasants lived/worked togetherf


wealthy peasant.


youth organizatio - recreation

Alexandra Kollontai

won women more rights

Vladimir Mayakovsky

poet who praised revolutionary heros.

Osip MAndelstam

Poet who succumbed to stalins demands and wrote ode to stalin after being imprisoned for not writiing pro soviet

Anna Akhmatova

one of russias greatest poets, not pro soviet, had to write it secret

totalitarian state

one party dictatorship where the gov controls every aspect of citizen's lives

socialist realism

the arts that were pro-soviet

Prince Felix Yussoupov



radical group of socialists led by V.I lenin.
means majority


councils of workers and soldiers

November/Bolshevik revolution

led by lenin/trotsky. promised peace, land, and bread. won the revo w/o any fighting. Made moscow the capital, ended private ownership o land, workers got control o factories, new flag. IMMEDIATE CAUSE = CIVIL WAR

war communism

gov takes over banks, railroads, and industries during time of war.

Joseph stalin

politician who wanted power (won)

supreme soviet

Lenin's government form. Elected law making body.citizens 18+ could vote, all industry belong to peasants/workers

5-year plan

plans by stalin. goal was to modernize/ industrialize the soviet untion

Vladimir Ilyich ulyanov

V.I Lenin's birthname. (first leader of bolsheviks)

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