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are you able to discuss a defector incident or make any written reports without prior approval? if not who/what agency must you first obtain approval from?
No you are not allowed to discuss defector incidents without the prior consent of AFOSI
if the escort relinquishes escort duties to another person, who is ultimately responsible for the person being escorted?
the original escort
what must be conducted prior to conducting a search of an individual?
A precautionary check
personal are authorized to operate a pov utilizing a valid state drivers license for ___ days after initial arrival in korea
30 Days
visitors being escorted into the installation must be signed out by when
by curfew of the night they were signed in
Exclusive jurisdiction
at the time in play this type of legislative jurisdiction gives the federal government the authority to legislate
proprietary jurisdiction
the military excercises the rights as a property owner only
Article 92
failure to obey order or regulation
Open area 10-13
AMC Ramp/Base ops Ramps (13 foreign nationals)
Open area 19
5th RS Parking Area
what are the road conditions changing authority
Amber Alert- ops officer
Red- DFC
Black-51 MSG
what do you remove from the individual prior to placing them into the D Cell
remove the individual shoelaces belt and any other items that could pose a threat to his or her health and safety
Code 2
Urgent (lights only)
what is SOFA?
status of forces Agreement
what are helping hands now referred as?
indicator reporting
when will security forces conduct building check?
and a regular intervals and will consist as a through physical inspection as door windows and other accessible openings or a visual check only depending on the requirements
is an individual believe they have been exposed to a potentially infectious fluid or contaminated material the individual immediately report the incident to
individual will immediately report the incident to the immediate supervisor or control center and immediately initiate post-exposure procedures
under the traffic point system how long will points assessed against a person remain in effect
24 months
A nuclear incident requires what size cordon?
2,000 ft
what gives you the authority to apprehend?
Rule 302, UCMJ Article 7B
for persons who commit an escort violation What must be accomplished
blotter entry
report will be accomplished
A covered wagon report will be completed for incidents affecting Alpha site
NO Alpha site is not a PL1, PL2, PL3 resource nor is it a restricted area
Open Area 8
KC's (HOTEL 935) (kilo 940)
open area 14-17
alpha/bravo/charlie Diamond & third generation tactical parking Area (17 foreign nationals)
Open Area 6
Bldg 949 system control facility
Code 10
All secure
Code 9
change radio frequency
open area 9
Delta site/ Pre-load Area
USFK CJ form 1
Notice of incident/arrest
Code Alpha
Alarm activation
how many hours can you hold an individual in the D Cell
8 hours Max
AF form 1297
Temporary issue Reciept
what is the maximum number of vehicles that can be escorted into a restricted area by a single escort at one time
AF form 1315
Major incident
AF form 1109
visitor register log
Martial Law
temporary military government of a civilian population
where do we get jurisdiction sources?
US constitution, federal statues, international law
AF form 53
SF Blotter
security forces can allow a Defector access to the installation without an escort
Hell No
Open Area 5
Bldg 1516
Code 5
Traffic stop
open area 4
Bldg 1096
During a RIEVC the SF member will look for what?
Gov Property
Classified documents
illegal goods
if a defector situation arises during a wartime environment what procedures will be initiated
Air Base Defense Prisoner of war procedures
what will be done with an Osan vehicle with expired safety stickers
ticket in direct to fix the infraction within 72 hours
Protection Level 2 Resource Defintion
assign PL 2 to Af assets for which the Lost misuse compromise damage or destruction results in significant Mission degradation to the war fighting capability of the United States
temporary vehicle pass
how long will all flights utilize the number of the day?
24 hour period
DD Form 2701
VWAP (victim/witness/Assistance Program)
AF Form 3545
incident Report (SFMIS)
DD Form 1920
Alcohol incident report
Af form 1199
RAB (restricted area Badge)
where are the word & number of the day published? And how often?
Monthly by security Forces operations
DD form 2504
abandon vehicle form
Type of jurisdiction do we have on base?
Af form 1176
Authority to search & seize
are any Korean permitted unescorted entry into A B C Diamond areas during a wartime posture
yes korean nationals fire fighters
Code 12
Bomb threat
what are the different ways you can annotate a building check sheet
personnel on duty (POD)
All in order (AIO)
secure (SEC)
the purpose of the DBIDS system is to?
Defeat counterfelt identification documents
if you suspect a vehicle of being abandoned what form should you issue
DD form 2504
who can cancel a covered wagon
installation commander or designee
the post limits for whiskey 1 are within ___ of the entry control facility or as necessary to prevent unauthorized entry
30 FT
during a Defector aircraft Landing who is responsible for giving the order to deplane the passenger
51 FW/CC
the entry supporting verification techniques used in conjunction with the AF form 1199 are
EAL, personnel recognition, radio/telephone verification, signature credential
how old must you be to drive on the installation
when dealing with the public what type of attitude should you maintain?
always keep a courteous & professional attitude
Protection Level 3 Resources Definition
assign PL3 to AF assets for which the lost theft misuse compromise damage or destruction results in mission degradation to the war fighting capability of the United States
whar are the 5 types of evidence?
if your vehicle is contamined how far inside the cordon must it be left?
when utilizing the DBIDS scanner how would you know that an individual's ID has been scanned properly
an audible beep and green light along with displaying pass will verify the ID card has been scanned
51 FW Form 0-89
visitor log
what is your first action when someone has passed you the duress words
detain and separate all Personnel involved notify be BDOC and ascertain status and personal question
what is the maximum number of personnel that can be escorted into a restricted area by single escort at one time
what are the planes that are able to reverse on base
USFK CJ Form 3
Civilian request to be taken into custody
USFK CJ Form 2
custody of receipt (military offender)
The 51 FW Form 0-75EK has 3 original copies. what 3 individuals get a copy?
one goes to the individual making the payment

second copy goes to the complainant/victim

third copy is foward to operations or attached to incident report
there is a general threat of possible terrorist activity in nature and extent of which is unpredictable against personnel & facilities
DD Form 1173
ID card issued to dependents of activity reserve military DOD employees contactors & dishornored veterans
code 1
code 13
need assistance
code 11a
transporting suspect of the opposite gender
An increased and more predictable terrorists threat activity exists
papa delta
passive duress
code 3
emergency (lights & sirens)
code echo
what are the forms that allow access into the installations
DD form 2, CAC

DD form 1173

USFK form 37EK

DD form 2764/2765
AF form 1168
statement of suspect /witness/complainant
a terrorist attack has occurred or intelligence indicates interment terroists action against a specific location
what are the types of sobriety tests?
walk & turn

horizontal gaze

one leg stand


blood sample