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College Biology Bell Ringers and Self Quizes

a segment of DNA that is transcribed into an mRNA, a tRNA or an rRNA

Which of the following is the best description of a gene?


If a codon has the sequence CAG, tRNA with which anticodon will bind to it?

Transcription and Translation

If we create the figure: DNA-RNA-Polypeptide [Protein], what do the arrows indicate?

Sugar-Phosphate chains; base pairs

Sugar-Phosphate chains; base pairs
A DNA molecule can be described as a twisted ladder. The_________ form the sides and the _________ form the rungs.


What is the complementary sequence for a segment of DNA with the sequence ACGGCT?


The building blocks of DNA are:

They add new genetic information upon which evolution can act.

What is the benefit of mutations?


Which process changes, adds, or removes information from the genome?

Most mutations are harmful, or they have no effect.

How do must mutations affect an organism.


The DNA base, adenine, pairs with what other base?

Phosphates and sugars

The DNA side strands are made of alternating...

Francis Crick and James Watson

The Nobel prize for the discovery of the structure of DNA was given to....

Double Helix

The spiral structure of DNA is described as a...

All eggs contain an X chromosome, which does not contribute to sex determination.

A couple has just had their fourth son. The father canot understand why his wife cannot produce a daughter. Explain to the father why the problem is not with his wife.

All eggs contain an X chromosome, which does not contribute to sex determination.

A couple has just had their fourth son. The father cannot understand why his wife cannot produce a daughter. Explain to the father why the problem is not with his wife.

Genes on the X chromosome

X-linked conditions are caused by ___________.

The attachment of amino acids build polypeptides.

If a cell were stripped of all of its tRNA, which step in protein synthesis would be disrupted?

2 percent

What percentage of the human genome codes for proteins?

mRNA is produced and sent out of the nucleus to the ribosome

During transcription, which of the following occurs?

The presence of a Y chromosome

What single attribute determines that a human fetus is male?


When a fragment breaks from a chromosome and rejoins it, in a flipped orientation, the result is called a/an:

Turner Syndrome

A woman is missing one of her X chromosomes. With which of the following conditions would she be diagnosed?

Both its environment and its genotype.

The phenotype of an organism can be influenced by:

Smooth, Yellow

Let S = smooth pea and s = wrinkled pea; Y = yellow pea and y = green pea. What pea phenotype would be produced by the genotype SsYy?

Heterozygous genotype.

The genotype Ff is an example of a:

AA and Aa

A and a are dominant and recessive alleles, respectively, of the same gene. Which genotype(s) would result in an individual with the dominant phenotype?

They are alleles of the same gene

The D gene controls pea plant height. The DD and dd genotypes confer tall and dwarf phenotypes, respectively. What is the relationship between D and d?


What is the term for an observable trait of an organism?

The order of bases in the gene

What distinguishes one gene from another?

Four bases A, T, G, or C.

The information used to make proteins is encoded by the:

A defective protein could be produced

What would be the consequence if one base were changed in the base sequence of a DNA molecule?


Which of the following organisms would reproduce by binary fission?


If a cell contains 20 chromosomes, how many chromatids will be present during prophase?

Normal cell operations, growth, and preparation for cell division

The "gap" phases of the cell cycle are devoted to:


If a 2n cell has three chromosome pairs, how many different combinations of chromosomes are possible in gametes after meiosis?

once; twice

In mitosis, cells duplicate their chromosomes once and divide once. In meiosis, cells duplicate their chromosomes ________ and divide ________.


The fertilization of an egg by a sperm produces a cell called a/an:

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