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The Outcome/ solution to a complex sequence of events (French for the action of untying


A conversation between two or more persons/ lines of characters in a drama or fiction


Articulation od speech/ the original meaning/ Authors choice of words

Didactic Literature

Writing primarly to teach

Dramatic Monologue

A piece of a spoken verse in a play that usually is linked to the theme of a play.


a mournful poem, said at a funeral.


A long narrative poem telling story of a hero's activities


A quotation at the beginiing of some piece of writing


A very descriptive adjective or phrase used to characeterize someone or something.


The substitution of an agreeable not offensive word/ expression in place of an offensive unpleasant one.


rhetorical mode which shows the meanning/ intent of the writing.

Falling Action

Before denouement/ part of a story following climax


a short moral story


A comedy with a lot of satires and improbable situations.

Figurative Language

language that communicates ideas more than the ordinary/ literal meaning of words

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