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the period after the Civil War in the United States when the southern states were reorganized and reintegrated into the Union


people freed from slavery

presidential reconstruction

was the President's idea of reconstruction : all states had to end slavery, states had to declare that their secession was illegal, and men had to pledge their loyalty to the U.S.

ten percent plan

Lincoln's plan that allowed a Southern state to form its own government afetr ten percent of its voters swore an oath of loyalty to the United States

radical republicans

After the Civil War, a group that believed the South should be harshly punished and thought that Lincoln was sometimes too compassionate towards the South.

wade davis bill

bill passed by congress and vetoed by president lincoln that would have given congress control of reconstruction


a group pardon to southerners who willingly took a loyalty oath to the Union

thirteenth amendment

the recent constitutional amendment that had abolished slavery

black codes

Southern laws designed to restrict the rights of the newly freed black slaves

Thaddeus Stevens

Man behind the 14th Amendment, which ends slavery. Stevens and President Johnson were absolutely opposed to each other. Known as a Radical Republican

charles sumner

Man behind the 14th Amendment, which ends slavery. Stevens and President Johnson were absolutely opposed to each other. Known as a Radical Republican

Freedmens Bureau

the first fedral relief agency ever established. issued rations of surplus foods

Fourteenth Amendment

the longest ammendment up to date. gave blacks legal citizenship

Radical reconstruction

when the republicans, who had control in both houses of congress, took charge of reconstruction

reconstruction act of 1867

a.) put the South under military rule b.)Ordered states to hold new elections for deleagates to creat new state constitutions c.) Required all states to allow all qualified male voters to vote in elections d.) Barred those who supported the Confederacy from voting. e.) Required southern states to guarante


northern whites who moved to the south and served as republican leaders during reconstruction


southern whites who supported republican policy throught reconstruction

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