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American Revolution

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Proclamation of 1763
Stated the colonists could not settle west of the Appalachian Mountains
Intolerable Acts
Used to punish Massachusetts for their defiance, and serve as an example to other colonies
Stamp Act
Used to raise money for England by requiring colonists to purchase a label on all paper products
Economic system stating that the colonies exist for the benefit of the mother country.
"No Taxation without Representation"
Slogan citing the anger the American colonists felt towards British taxation.
Boston Massacre
Death of American colonials at the hands of British soldiers.
Boston Tea Party
Act of dumping tea chests into Boston Harbor in protest of the Tea Act
Refusal to buy goods.
Declaration of Independence
Cited colonial's reasons for breaking away from Britain, and officially created the United States. July 4th, 1776
Common Sense
Thomas Paine's pamphlet that encouraged colonials to support the fight for independence.
Lexington and Concord
First "battles" of the American Revolution.
"Shot Heard Round the World"
Unknown shot that began the American Revolution.
Battle of Saratoga
American victory that encourged France to openly support the Americans; turning point of the American Revolution.
Battle of Yorktown
American victory that signaled the end of the American Revolution.
Valley Forge
Winter camp for American soldiers in 1777. Disease, lack of supplies, no pay, no clothes, no food.
Treaty of Paris 1783
Officially ended the American Revolution. Britain recognized the independent United States.