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Colonial Times

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Columbian Exchange
Exchange of products/ideas/disease between Old and New World
Three G's for Spanish exploration and conquest of New World
Religious Freedom
Key Reason for Pilgrims/Puritans settling North America
Economic Freedom
Financial reasons for settlement of North America by Europeans
Political Freedom
Desire to establish representative govt. in North America by English settlers
First permanent English settlement in the new world. Virginia
Mayflower Compact
Established self government in the new world
Virginia House of Burgesses
First Representative Assembly in colonies. Jamestown, VA
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
First written constitution in the new world
Great Awakening
1730's Religious Revival that swept 13 Colonies
Economic system whereby England gains wealth/gold at expense of the 13 Colonies
Traingular trade
Series of trade routes that led from colonies to England, Africa and West Indies
Middle Passage
Cruel passage from Africa to America for African slaves
Free Enterprise
Economic theory where colonists sought to gain wealth through free trade/no govt. interference
New England Colonies
Northern most colonies/cold and rocky soil/multiple occupations
Middle Colonies
Centrally located colonies noted for their fertile land and large grain production (Breadbasket)
Southern Colonies
Southernmost colonies that concentrated on cash crop agriculture and slavery
Ohio River Valley
Desire to control this fertile land and fur trade led to French Indian War
Albany Plan of Union
Join or Die Snake/B. Franklin's failed effort to unify 13 Colonies against French and Indian Threat