Vocabulary Unit 13 Level A

20 terms by ngkinley

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to stick to, to remain attached; to be devoted or loyal as a follower or supporter


to declare to be true, state positively; to comfirm


an extremely wicked, brutal, or cruel act; something very bad or unpleasant


a trial hearing for a performer; 2) to conduct or perform such a hearing


to struggle suggle successfully against; to prove to be a match for, deal with satisfactorily; 2) a long religous cloak; a conopy


to discourage, scare off, or prevent through fear or doubt


causing uneasiness or worry


to give power or authority to; to enable; to permit


speaking or writing easily and smoothly; flowing gracefully


to move slowly or fall behind; to bring up the rear; 2) a falling behind; the amount buy which someone or something is behind; an interval


to injure very seriously by cutting; tearing; crushing, etc.; to bring to ruin


a wrong idea, misunderstanding


one who expects things to turn out for the best; someone who looks on the bright side of things


to roam about stealthily in search of something


to make stupid, dull, or groggy; to surprise or astonish


in a bad or nasty mood, resentful; gloomy


something added to complete a thing or make up for a lack; a section added to a book or document; 2) to provide such an addition or completion


to have a heavy, violent, swelling motion (like waves); 2) a powerful foward rush


a quality or characteristic (espeacially of personality); a distinguishing feature


dishonest; not guided or controlled by moral principles

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