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960-922 B.C.

Solomon is king in Israel

876-852 B.C.


739-681 B.C.


728-686 B.C.


722 B.C.

Israel into captivity (in 3 stages)

612 B.C.

Assyria conquered by Babylon

605-562 B.C.


605-536 B.C.


597 B.C.

(Kingdom of) Judah into Babylonian captivity [Jerusalem surrendered]

597-586 B.C.

King Zedekiah reigns in [conquered] Jerusalem [by order of Nebuchadnezzar]

539 B.C.

Cyrus conquers Babylon

c.500-336 B.C.

Greek Classical Age

490 B.C.

Greeks defeat Persians at Marathon

480 B.C.

Greek-Persian battles @ Thermopylae and Salamis

431-404 B.C.

Peloponnesian Wars

356-323 B.C.

Alexander the Great lived

597 B.C.

Israelite noblemen & boys carried off to Babylon (3 waves)

722 B.C.

Assyrian King Shalmaneser V conquered Northern Israel

680-669 B.C.

Assyrian King Esarhaddon ruled empire (& conquered Egypt)

c. 628 B.C.

Birth of Zoroaster

559-529 B.C.

Reign of Cyrus the Great (Persia)

547 B.C.

Cyrus defeats King Croesus (of Lydia)

539 B.C.

Cyrus, king of Persia, frees the Jews to return home

435?-415? B.C.

Malachi written

1100-800 B.C.

Greek Dark Ages (Dorians invade from North)

c. 900 B.C.

Sparta is founded

c. 800-500 B.C.

Greek Archaic Period

c. 850-750 B.C.

Homer lives & writes

776 B.C.

First Olympic Games

750-650 B.C.

Ionian Greeks emigrate from mainland, forming colonies

740-720 B.C.

Spartans expand territory

650 B.C.

First tyrants seize power in Greek mainland

621 B.C.

Draco, archon of Athens, institutes strict set of laws

594 B.C.

Solon, archon of Athens, begins political reforms

550 B.C.

Tyrannies established in Greek colonies

530s B.C.

Persian wars begin

546 B.C.

Pisistratus seizes power as tyrant of Athens

513 B.C.

Persians begin to invade Europe

508 B.C.

Cleisthenes seizes power in Athens, leads to democracy

500-499 B.C.

Ionian colonies revolt against Persians

513-512 B.C.

Persians conquer Thrace & Macedon

480 B.C.

Persians win at Thermopylae

480 B.C.

Greeks win at Salamis

490?-429 B.C.


443-429 B.C.

The Age of Pericles

582-507 B.C.


c. 470-399 B.C.


460?-380? B.C.


427?-347? B.C.


384-322 B.C.


287-212 B.C.




10-70 A.D.


323 B.C.

Greek Hellenistic Age begins

?-160 B.C.

Judas Maccabee

486-464 B.C.

Reign of Persian King Ahasuerus (Xerxes I)

521-486 B.C.

Reign of Persian King Darius I

784-772 B.C.


931-910 B.C.

Reign of King Jeroboam (1st king of Northern Kingdom)

931-913 B.C.

Reign of King Rehoboam (1st king of Southern Kingdom)

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