CSCI 205

The first digital computers were built during World War II for ____.
code breaking
Facebook and Twitter are examples of social networking options.
In 1982, the percentage of households that had a computer was fewer than ____ percent.
A global computer network originally developed as a military project is
the ____.
Semiconductor materials are substances with properties between those of a conductor and an insulator.
___ is a term that refers to entities that exist largely within computer
An interpreter converts and executes one statement at a time.
A computer is a multiple purpose device that can do all of the following
EXCEPT ____.
think independently
A set of computer programs that helps a person carry out a task is ____.
application software
An area where data can be left on a permanent basis is memory.
To assure you can remember your password it is a good idea to base it on information you can easily remember such as your birthday.
A problem a hacker can cause after breaking into your computer includes ____.
applying for credit in your name
ending embarrassing emails
apply for a mortgage using your data
all of the above
A collection of preprogrammed activities such as addition, subtraction, counting, and comparison is called a(n) ____.
instruction set
A(n) password manager stores user IDs with their corresponding passwords and automatically fills in login forms.
Data becomes ____ when it is presented in a format that people can understand and use
A hacker posing as a legitimate representative of an official organization such as your bank is an example of
A light switch is like a(n) analog device.
In terms of an authentication protocol, the phrase 'something a person possesses' could refer to is
an ID card
The term ____ designates equipment that might be added to a computer system to enhance its functionality
peripheral device
RAM is volatile, which means it must constantly receive electric power to hold data
A touch screen, also known as a touch-sensitive screen, can serve as both an input and output device
a billion cycles per second
ROM BIOS is a small set of instructions that tells the computer
how to access the hard disk
where to find the operating system
how to load the operating system into RAM all of the above
The ____ is the amount of data that a storage device can move from the
storage medium to the computer per second
data transfer rate
If the system runs out of RAM, the operating system uses an area of the
hard disk called ____ to store parts of a program or data file until they are needed.
virtual memory
A hard disk ____ is a flat, rigid disk made of aluminum or glass and
coated with magnetic iron oxide particles.
Sequential access is the ability of a device to "jump" directly to requested data.
CD, DVD, and Blu-ray technologies can be classified as
Dot pitch is the distance in millimeters between like-colored ____ the small dots of light that form an image
EIDE, Ultra ATA, SCSI, and SATA refer to the different types of controllers used by hard disk drives
is the most widely used language for communication between computers
and printers
number of horizontal and vertical pixels that a device displays on a
screen is referred to as its resolution
A ____ is an example of a pointing device
all of the above
software is designed to accomplish ____ tasks
computer centric
By using spell checkers and grammar checkers, you are assured your document will be error-free
____ is a type of application software designed to help several people collaborate.
If you purchase software, it belongs to you, and you can do what you want, including copying it
Adobe Reader works with files stored in standard ____ format.
A trademark is a form of legal protection that grants the author of the original work exclusive rights to copy, distribute, sell, and modify.
Productivity software that provides you with the ability to create, spell-check, edit, and format is considered ____ software.
word processing
CAD software is designed to be used by architects and engineers.
. Desktop widgets include all of the following EXCEPT
Public domain software has restrictions on its use.
The intersection of a column and a row on a spreadsheet is called a ____.
A device driver is software that helps a peripheral device establish
communication with a computer.
To find a particular record or group of records in a database, you use a(n)
Notation software is the musician's equivalent of a database.
is illegal to do all the following with software EXCEPT ____.
copy and keep as a backup
Some Web applications, such as Google Earth, require a client-side
program to be installed on your local computer
is typically commercial software that is marketed under a try-before-you buy policy
get rid of software you no longer want, you
run an uninstall routine
A ____ is any software that can automate a task or autonomously
execute a task when commanded to do so
A sequence of events that occurs between the time that you turn on
a computer and the time that it is ready for you to issue commands
is referred to as the boot process
The most obvious responsibility of your computer's operating system is to
provide an environment for running software
When you use Windows, Mac OS, or a Linux graphical file manager, each sub directory is depicted as a folder
The term ____ is a technical term for the region of memory that holds data waiting to be transferred from one device to another.
The operating system that was developed in 1969 by AT&T's Bell Labs and gained a good reputation for its dependability is
Digital Revolution
is an ongoing process of social, political, and economic change brought about by digital technology, such as computers and the Internet
is the process of converting text, numbers, sound, photos, and video into data that can be processed by digital devices.
A computer network
is a group of computers linked by wired or wireless technology to share data and resources.
The Web
a collection of linked documents, graphics, and sounds that can be accessed over
the Internet. Which means that the Web or Internet is just one very large network.
a process by which several technologies with distinct functions evolve to form a single product. Tends to offer enhanced functionality and convenience.
Intellectual Property
refers to the ownership of certain types of information, ideas, or representations.
Computer input
is whatever is typed, submitted, or transmitted to a computer system. Input can
be the scanner at the store, a digital camera as well as your keyboard.