APWH 30 Industrial Americas


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Cherokee Nation
Nation created by indigenous Americans at the southern end of the United States. An example of a nation existing on the edge of an expansionist power.
Ghost Dance
An American Indian ritual performed to bring back the buffalo and return the Native American tribes to their land. A great example of anti-colonial use of a syncretic religion.
U.S. policy that attempted to bring indigenous Americans into white society.
Latin American dictators. Known for their ruthless and brutal actions, but also for their populist sentiments and machismo attitudes.
La Reforma
19th century Mexican reform movement to limit the power of the Catholic church and limiting the power of the military. Codified in the Constitution of 1857.
ethnic enclaves
Neighborhoods where people from similar cultures live together and assert cultural distinction from the dominant group. Great U.S. examples include Italian neighborhoods and Chinatowns.
Fear of immigrants or foreign ideas.
Chinese Exclusion Acts
Laws designed to prohibit Chinese immigration to the U.S. Made it extremely difficult for Chinese immigrants to migrate to the U.S.