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Computers In The Medical Office Chapter 2,4,5

Computers In The Medical Office Chapter 2,4,5
file menue
-Used to open an existing practice or create a new practice
-Used to back up data and restore data, set program and security options, change program date and perform file and maintenance activities.
activities menue
Most data collected day-to-day are entered through options on this menu
-Used to perform most billing tasks
-Entering financial transactions
-Creating insurance claims
-Entering deposits
-Viewing unprocessed transactions coming from an EHR
-Viewing summaries of patient account information
-Calculating billing charges
-Performing collections activities
-Launching the Work Administrator
-Opening the appointment scheduler
-Contains options for verifying patient eligibility
deleting data
-You may want to delete an insurance carrier
-You can click Delete Button
-If no button is available, select text to be deleted and hit delete key on keyboard or the right mouse button
changing program date
-There are two methods
-We will use Windows 7 method
-Dates are entered manually using MMDDCCYY format
-Remember to change program date at the beginning of each exercise...if not, information entered will be incorrect
the patient list dialog box
-This is divided in 2 sections
-Left side=information about patients
-Right side=information about cases
entering new patient information
-Click New Patient Button this will open the:
-Patient/Guarantor dialog box (Figure 4-6)
-3 Tabs in this Box
-Name, Address
-Other Information
-Payment Plan
charting numbers
For our purposes, this method is used to assign chart numbers
First 5 letters of a patients last name (if less than 5 characters, add the beginning letters of the patient's first name) + first two letters of first name (next two letters of are used if already used) + the number zero
personal data
-Name, address, phone number, e-mail
-Birth date
-Birth weight (for newborns)
-Units (for birth weight)
-SSN—add with no hyphens
-Entity Type
other tab information
-This tab contains facts about employment and other miscellaneous information
-Type drop down box—used for billing purposes to designate whether an individual is a patient or a guarantor (an individual who may not be a patient of the practice, but who is financially responsible for a patient account)
copy case
-copies all information from an existing case to a new case
-Useful when creating a new case for a patient who already has a case in the system
-The quickest way to create a new case for an established patient
-You can change the information that needs to be edited
-Always check each tab to ensure the copies information is accurate for the new case
capitated plan
a prepayment made to physician, cover the services to a plan member for a specified period of time
a government insurance progam that serves spouses and children of active-duty service member, military retirees and their families, some former spouses and survivors of deceased military members
diagnosis tab
Program options can be changed to display up to 8 diagnoses