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_________ has developed a lot in the last 40 years. = new kinds of machines, equipment, computers, etc.
Many young people are _____ to their cell phones. = can't stop using something
Smart phones ______ people to go on the Internet anywhere. = make it possible to do something
They bought several _______ such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine. = are larger machines that are usually electrical and found in homes.
Technology has many __________. = good points; advantages
came out
The first iPhone ______ in 2007. (2 words) = when something is first sold
You need to _______ on that picture. = to press a button on a computer mouse to choose something from the screen
cutting edge
Their company has ________ technology. (2-word idiom) = newest; most advanced
Many people are _______ on technology in their daily lives. = feeling that something is necessary in order to live
They are ________ new apps for the iPhone. = to design or make a new idea, product, system etc over a period of time
He has a little __________ the helps him find his keys. = small machines that are used to do some kind of job; also a smaller thing inside a larger machine.
They _______ a new way to store energy. = found out something that you did not know about before
Most batteries are _________. = things that you throw away
Computers and cell phones can be _________. = something that your attention away because you hear or see something else
One of the ________ of that cell phone is that the screen breaks easily. = a disadvantage or bad point
early adopter
He was an ______ of the iPhone. (2 words) = somebody who likes to buy the newest technology when it comes out
Trains are more _____ than cars. = when something works without wasting time, money, or energy
He likes __________ games. = machines that use electricity
They used a computer to __________ the image. = to improve something or make it better
They have a lot of office ______ such as photocopiers, computers, and scanners. = a collection of things you need to do some kind of activity.
The new phone has many cool ______. = things that something has or does
The main _____ of this app is to share pictures. = the thing that something does
He invented a small _______ that helps people cut vegetables quickly. = a small, useful, and cleverly-designed machine or tool (similar to device)
access to
Most people in the U.S. have _______ to the Internet. = be able to use or have (3 words)
Many parents try to _______ how much time their kids spend with technology. = to set a maximum amount of time or use for something
off the grid
She is living __________. (3-word idiom) = with no technology, electricity, gas, etc.
That app is really ______ among teenagers. = many people like it
Her invention ______ the amount of pollution in the sea. = make the amount smaller
sped up
The machine ______ the production of cars. (2 words) = make something faster
They have several _______ such as a hammer, screwdriver, and a wrench. = things that you usually hold in your hand are used to fix or make something.
Cell phones can use GPS to _______ people's movements. = know the location of something
The iPhone is very _________. = something that is easy for people to use, understand or operate
She moved the _______ so that she could open the program. = a mark that can be moved around a computer screen to show where you are working
He clicked on the _______ to open the mail program. = a small picture on a computer or phone that opens a program or app
pull-down menu
She clicked on the _________ to quit the program. = a list of the things that a program can do (3 words)
His computer is not __________. = can be moved easily
She cracked the ________ on her phone. =
He needs to _________ his computer. = turn off and then turn on again
shut down
After work, you need to ________ your computer. = close all the programs and turn off (2 words)
Did you _________ your computer with the newest operating system? = to add the most recent information to something
He bought a ________ for his iPad. = a thing with letters on buttons so that you can type
His computer has a ________. = a small object that you move with your hand to give instructions to a computer
Her laptop has a ________. = a part of a computer that you touch to control the computer and move the cursor
He ___________ his phone when he dropped it. = when you break or harm something
He ___________ the screen on his phone.
How much __________ does your computer have? = the information that can be stored in a computer (Ex. 128 GB gigabytes)
hard drive
The ________ on his computer has a problem. = the part of a computer where you can keep information and programs (2 words)
He bought some ___________ for his computer. = programs that do things on the computer.
You need to _________ this program on your computer. = to add new software to a computer so that it is ready to be used
His computer got a __________ is very slow now. = a program that gets into a computer and causes problems
Somebody _________ into his computer and stole his information. = to secretly find a way of getting into someone's computer
My screen __________ and I couldn't do anything. = when the computer has a problem and stops working in the middle of using it.
Many people illegally ____________ movies and music from the Internet. = to move information or programs from the Internet to a computer
He ___________ some pictures onto the website. = put something onto the Internet from a computer
Quizlet has an ________ so that you can study on your phone. = a piece of computer software that does a particular job (short for application)
Yesterday I was writing my essay, and my Microsoft Word program ___________. = suddenly stopped working
operating system
Microsoft Windows is one kind of ___________, and Mac OS is another one. = the software the runs a computer or mobile device. (2 words)
He bought an ___________ hard drive to store his photos. = an extra device that can connect to a computer
He just got the newest __________ of the program. = a copy of something that has been changed so that it is a little bit different
back up
He forgot to ___________ his computer, and he lost his essays when the computer broke. = to make a copy of information on your computer online or on another device (2 words)
She __________ her pictures online, not on her computer. = where you keep something
This phone has facial __________ software. = when something or someone know's who you are
Smart phones use ________ technology like Siri. = when computers can understand what people want and do things for them (short for artificial intelligence)
remote control
The ___________ for my TV is really confusing. = a small device that you can use to control another device from another location
leaves on
She always ____________ the lights. = forgets to turn off
Computers have become an __________ part of people's lives. = very important and necessary
Many people worry about __________ with information on Facebook. = being able to keep your information, so that other people can't get it
Thomas Edison ____________ the light bulb. = to think of and make a new thing or kind of technology
The iPhone has had a big __________ on people's lives. = when something causes a lot of changes
search engine
Google is the most popular ____________. = a kind of computer program that helps you find information on the Internet
Safari, Chrome, and Firefox are all internet ____________. = computer programs that you can use to surf the Internet
social media
Facebook and Instagram are examples of ___________. = websites and apps that people use to share ideas, information, news, photos, etc. (2 words)
Many people __________ photos on social media. = to put something out for people, so that other people can see or use it.
The light turn on _____________ when you enter the room. = when a machine does something without a person controlling it
The computer ___________ the heat and lights in the house. = to turn on, turn off, or change some kind of machine or technology

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