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  1. sex, height, weight, age, hormones, emotional state, body temperature, excessive weight fluctuations, and watching t.v
  2. Protein: food
  3. Essential fatty acid
  4. co-enzymes
  5. triglycerides
  1. a meats, eggs, milk,nuts, oil,( corn, peanuts, olive)
  2. b binds to enzymes, helps enzyme preform its function
  3. c Factors affecting BMR
  4. d linoleic acid, linolenic acid ( get these from diet)
  5. e meats, cheese, milk, nuts, cereals, beans, peas, absorbed as amino acids

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  1. Folacin
  2. metabolism
  3. Niacin
  4. fat soluble and water soluble
  5. minimum: .8g/kg (.4g/lb), recommended:155 of total calories, maintain nitrogen balance

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  1. provide energy, carbohydrates, proteins, fatsmacronutrients


  2. not stored to a great degreecant be synthesized in sufficient quantities
    body can't make these


  3. B1, pyruvate to KrebsThiamine


  4. Lipidstriglycerides, cholesterol


  5. B12, nucleic acid synthesis, carbohydrate metabolism, water soluble, coenzymecyanocobalamin