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  1. trace element, tooth structure
  2. liver, egg yolk, brain, milk, meats (NOT PLANT FOOD)
  3. kcals in-kcals out, balance =0, positive: take in too much, store energy, negative : take in to little, use stored energy, weight gain/loss related to energy balance, 3500 kcals/lb fat
  4. A.A and F.A metabolism, water soluble, coenzyme
  5. fat soluble
  1. a Biotin
  2. b absorbed with other lipids, stored in body tissue
  3. c Energy Balance
  4. d Fluorine
  5. e cholesterol

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  1. energy to raise 1 g water 1*C, kcal=calorie=1,000 calories
  2. Factors affecting BMR
  3. phosphorus
  4. major mineral
  5. Cellulose

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  1. trace element, enzyme cofactor, essential for hemoglobin synthesis, bone development, melanin production and myelin formationcopper


  2. classes of vitaminsVisual pigments, normal development bone


  3. Glucose is utilized by cellsfat soluble and water soluble


  4. Carbohydrates & protein energy9.5 kcal/g


  5. Vitamin Kantioxidant, stability of cell membrane