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  1. part of thyroid hormone, trace element
  2. co-enzymes
  3. cofactor for ATP metabolism. major mineral
  4. intracellular osmotic pressure, action potentials, major mineral
  5. trace element, tooth structure
  1. a binds to enzymes, helps enzyme preform its function
  2. b iodine
  3. c potassium
  4. d Fluorine
  5. e magnesium

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  1. Factors affecting BMR
  2. Energy in foods
  3. copper
  4. energy to raise 1 g water 1*C, kcal=calorie=1,000 calories
  5. sodium

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  1. FADtriglycerides, cholesterol


  2. glucose, fructose, and galactosemonosaccharides absorbed


  3. not stored to a great degreewater soluble


  4. Essential fatty acidpolyunsaturated, including 3rd terminal bond, best source is in fish, health benefits include cardiovascular


  5. kcals in-kcals out, balance =0, positive: take in too much, store energy, negative : take in to little, use stored energy, weight gain/loss related to energy balance, 3500 kcals/lb fatchlorine


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