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  1. extracellular osmotic pressure, action potential, major mineral
  2. trace element, cofactor: component pf enzymes involved in digestion, respiration, bone metabolism, live metabolism, necessary for normal wound healing and maintain integrity of the skin
  3. intracellular osmotic pressure, action potentials, major mineral
  4. A.A and protein synthesis, water soluble
  5. not stored to a great degree
  1. a B6
  2. b potassium
  3. c water soluble
  4. d sodium
  5. e zink

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  1. Essential amino acids
  2. organic dietary constituent, needed in small quantities, doesn't supply energy
  3. major mineral
  4. is an electron carrier in the citric acid cycle and electron transport chain
  5. disaccharides:cane sugar beets, milk
    Monosaccharides: honey fruit

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  1. B1, pyruvate to Krebsdisaccharides:cane sugar beets, milk
    Monosaccharides: honey fruit


  2. part of amino acid, major mineralmagnesium


  3. energy used per day at rest, measured by monitoring O2 consumption, 1 kcal/hr/kg:1,500-2000 kcal/dayBasal metabolic Rate (BMR


  4. Vitamin Atriglycerides, cholesterol


  5. bone, teeth, nerve/muscle function, major mineralcalcium