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  1. part of thyroid hormone, trace element
  2. Dietary requirements: Carbohydrates
  3. trace element, enzyme cofactor, component of certain enzymes
  4. Vitamin D
  5. Essential fatty acid
  1. a absorption of Ca++
  2. b iodine
  3. c linoleic acid, linolenic acid ( get these from diet)
  4. d 125-75g/day min to prevent protein loss
    55% total cal: 45% of total need to be complex
    Roughage (Cellulose): hemicellulose, pectin, lignin
  5. e Selenium

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  1. potassium
  2. minerals
  3. disaccharides:cane sugar beets, milk
    Monosaccharides: honey fruit
  4. total energy metabolism
  5. ascorbic acid

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  1. trace element, hemoglobin, vit A, enzymesiron


  2. cyanocobalmin,enzyme cofactor, trace elementiodine


  3. proper diet70 kg man:2800 kcals/day, proteins-15%, fats-30%, and carbs 55%, diets must maintain proteins, vitamins, minerals


  4. Unit:calorieabsorbed with other lipids, stored in body tissue


  5. not stored to a great degree9.5 kcal/g