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  1. not stored to a great degree
  2. folic acid, water soluble, DNA synthesis, RBC production, coenzyme
  3. Protein: food
  4. FAD
  5. needed in relatively small amounts
  1. a meats, cheese, milk, nuts, cereals, beans, peas, absorbed as amino acids
  2. b trace element
  3. c Folacin
  4. d is an electron carrier in the citric acid cycle and electron transport chain
  5. e water soluble

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  1. cant be synthesized in sufficient quantities
    body can't make these
  2. macronutrients
  3. cyanocobalamin
  4. 30% total calories-10% saturated, 10% monsaccharides, 10% polysaccharides, 100mg/1,00 calories as cholesterol, no more than 300mg/day
  5. types of minerals

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  1. triglyceridesmeats, eggs, milk,nuts, oil,( corn, peanuts, olive)


  2. Essential fatty acidcant be synthesized in sufficient quantities
    body can't make these


  3. Omega 3 fatty acidpolyunsaturated, including 3rd terminal bond, best source is in fish, health benefits include cardiovascular


  4. inorganic substances essential for body function, origin: soil->plant-> animalcalcium


  5. energy used per day at rest, measured by monitoring O2 consumption, 1 kcal/hr/kg:1,500-2000 kcal/dayBasal metabolic Rate (BMR