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Joseph earns $1070 monthly. Of that, $160.50 is withheld for taxes. What percent of Joseph's earnings is withheld?
A video game costs $34.98. The sales tax rate is 5.5%. How much will you pay for the video game?
Caroline brings home a weekly paycheck of $275. 6.5% will be withheld for Social Security taxes. After that deduction, what will be the amount of her paycheck?
Find the commission on a $300 sale, with a commission rate of 8.5%.
At the end of August you go school shopping for clothes. The clothes total $185, but there is a 5.5% sales tax. How much will you pay for your new school clothes?
Joe and Heather go out to dinner for their one year anniversary. The bill came out to $49.75 and Joe wants to leave a 16% tip. How much will the anniversary dinner cost Joe?
Find the commission on a $3,200 sale, with a commission rate of 6%.
A café offers seniors citizens a 15% discount off its regular price of $8.95 for the dinner buffet. What is the price for senior citizens?
A real estate agent sold a home worth $475,000. She asks for 6% commission, but the people selling the home only want to pay her 5%. How much will the real estate agent lose?
Jan typically earns $575 per week. She has $172.50 withheld from her paycheck each week. What percent is being withheld from her paycheck?
The price of a pair of shoes is $85.99 before sales tax. The sales tax is 7.5%. Find the total cost of the shoes.
The original price of a pair of sneakers was $49. The price was discounted by 30%. What is the sale price of the sneakers?
The regular price of a DVD is $24. During a sale, the price of the DVD is marked at a 20% discount. What will be the sale price of the DVD?