Academic Vocabulary Toolkit 1: Kate Kinsella

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awareknowing or noticing somethingbeneficialgood or helpfulbenefita positive result that you get from somethingcause (noun)the reason why something happenscause (verb)to make something happenchallenge ( noun)a difficult task that requires a lot of effortchallenging ( adjective)difficult or requiring a lot of effortcharacter ( noun)a person in a story, movie, or playcharacteristic ( noun)a quality or feature of a person or thingcompare ( verb)to look at what is the same and what is different between two thingscomparison ( noun)a study of the way that two things are the same and differentconclude ( verb)to finishconclusion ( noun)the end of somethingconsequence ( noun)the result of something that happensconsequently ( adverb)as a result of something