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island chain


tidal wave that gets higher and higher as it approaches the coast


yellowish-brown topsoil


seasonal winds the bring warm and moist air

Japan Current

warm-winter ocean current that adds moisture to the winter monsoons


violent tropical storm, forms in the Pacific Ocean, in late summer


China makes up _____ of land area in East Asia


Mongolia makes up _____ of land area in East Asia

Japan, Taiwan, North Korea and South Korea

The rest of East Asia's land is shared by______

South China Sea

Carries 1/3 of world's shipping traffic

Plateau of Tibet

Southwest corner of China (Tibet) and the average elevation is 15,000 ft

Gobi Desert

Dry, cold desert in the interior of China

Yellow River

Nothern China's major river

Yangtze River

Asia's longest river, major transportation route, and China's most important agricultural center

Grand Canal

Connects the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers, construction began in the 400 B.C. and is the longest canal inthe world


Only ____ of the land is arable


Leading producer of rice in the world


Taiwan, parts of China, the Koreas, and Japan have a humid subtropical climate

Desert and Steppe

Mongolia and inland China

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