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the Slash styleWhich is the Mind map type with one vertical line and several horizonal line?the thematic styleWhich is the type of mind map that is shaped similar to an important item in the scanned content?every 10 to 20 pagesHow often should you stop to make a mind map?FidTo trustInfidelOne not beliving in the prevalent religionperfidydeliberate betrayer of trustGammarriagemisogamyhatred of marriageendogamymarriage within a particular groupGno/Gnito knowagnosticone believingthat essential truths are not knowledgablecogizantknowlegable or awaremorto dieimortalnot subject to deathmortiterousdeadlynomnamenomenclaturenames or terms used in a particular fielddenominatora class of people unified under one specific namephiloto lovephilanthropylove of mankindphilologylove of learningtheoGodtheologiansomeone versed in the study of Godmonotheisma belief in one GodVerttoturnrevertto turn backovertto turn out into the opendictto say, to speakindicativeto speak or suggestbenedictumto say or pronounce somethingloc/loqto speak, to talkColloquialtalking in ordinary conversationloquacitytalking too muchspecto look at, to seeinspectto look closelyspeculatesomething impressive to seeVocto call, to voiceadvocateto voice one's favor of somethinginvoketo call upon for protection or favorvorto eat, devouromnivorousone that eats plants and animalsvoraciousto eager to eatducto leadaqueductstructure leading water to an appropriate placeabductto lead away forciblyfakto makeFacilitateto make easierFactoryBuilding in which things were madebiolifebiopsyremoval of living tissue for examinationsymbiosistwo organisms living together for mutual benifitcarnfleshcarnagegreat destruction of fleshincarnatein the fleshdermskindermatologistone who studies skinhypodermicinjection under the skingraphwritingautographto write one's nameagraphiainability to writeisoequalisocracyeveryone with equal power to ruleisocelestriangle with two equal sidesmorphto formmetamorphosisa change of formamorphosishaving no defined formluc/ lumto shinelucidto shinetranslucentallowing light to shine throughpyrfirepyromaniacone obsessed with firepyrotechnichaving to do with fireworkspathfeelingapatheticwithout feelingempatheticfeeling for anothers needspsychmind or soulpsychrosomaticphysicical illness caused by the mindpsychosisa severe mental disorderphonsoundeuphonicplesant soundingcacophonyunplesant sounding