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National Exam Review

What is PKP's creed?

I believe that the ideal chapter is made up of men
Who are bound together in a common loyalty
which transcends any personal selfishness;
Who realize that membership means personal responsibility in bearing their share of the financial burden of the chapter and the national organization;
Who bring credit to the fraternity by striving to attain the highest possible standards of scholarship;
Who safeguard the reputation of their chapter
by keeping careful watch over their personal conduct;
Who uphold faithfully the
traditions and activities of their college;
Who prepare themselves diligently to shoulder their full responsibility as citizens.
I believe that my chapter can become an ideal chapter, and I shall do my share to make it so.

What are the lyrics to the rose song?

As I sat alone with my dreams
A beautiful land I did see
And a vision so bright
Came to me through the night
With my dream girl I seemed to be

Oh her eyes are the stars of Heaven
As they shine as a lamp so bright
Her lips are the rose's petals
Which open their folds to the light
Her hair is the gold of sunset
As it fades in the Western sky

No flower that grows is like the Rose
She's the flower of Pi Kappa Phi.

Who are the 3 founders of Pi Kappa Phi?

-Andrew Alexander Kroeg Jr (1st Archon)
-Lawrence Harry Mixon
-Simon Fogarty Jr

Who were the founding fathers of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity?

-Andrew Alexander Kroeg Jr
-Lawrence Harry Mixon
-Simon Fogarty Jr
-Pelzer Wagoner
-Thomas Moismann
-Theodore "Teddy" Barnwell Kelly
-James Fogarty

Who are the founding fathers of Delta chapter?

-Ravanel Boykin Curry
-Roy Drummond Calmes
-J.A. Cullum
-L.M. Glenn
-Fredrick Sparks Jones
-Robert Emmett Allen
-Joseph Roy Geiger
-Joseph W. King Jr.

Delta Re-chartering EC

Archon- Mac McArthur III
VA- Brad Benton
Treasurer- Jeff Sirolly
Secretary- Chad Bailey
Warden- Steve Stigler
Historian- Dave Traggorth
Chaplain- Phil Berry

Who currently makes up Delta chapter's EC?

Archon- Alex Craig
Vice Archon- Will Bessley
Treasurer- Zach Burnette
Secretary- Daniel Hoilett
Warden- Brian Boda
Historian- John Hanna
Chaplain- Seth Johnson

Who is a past CEO (1959-94) and Honorary 4th Founder?

Durward Owen, Xi (Roanoke)

Who is the current CEO?

Mark E. Timmes, Alpha Epsilon (Florida) 1994-Present

What purpose does the CEO serve?

Is responsible for what every part of the fraternity does

Who was the first Mr. Pi Kappa Phi in 1965?

Leo Pou, Omicron (Alabama)

Who founded Push America in 1977?

Thomas Sayre, Kappa (UNC)

Who founded Journey of Hope in 1987?

Bruce Rogers, Chi (Stetson)

Who was involved with the Pi Kappa Phi Foundation and later became National President?

Devereux Rice, Iota (Georgia Tech)

When was the White Diamond authorized for publication?


Who authored the White Diamond?

-Evan Erickson, Alpha Delta (Univ. of Washington)
-T.J. Sullivan, Alpha Psi (Indiana Univ.)

Who did the introduction in the White Diamond?

Thomas Sayre, Kappa (UNC)

Who is Delta's academic coach?

Scott Murr, Delta (Furman)

Who is our chapter adviser?

Silas Pearman, Delta (Furman)

What was the Flat Hat Club?

The first American college fraternity

When and where was the Flat Hat Club founded?

William and Mary in 1750

Where did the Flat Hats meet?

Raleigh Tavern

What was the first Greek letter fraternity?

Phi Beta Kappa

Who founded Phi Beta Kappa?

John Heath

When and where was Phi Beta Kappa founded?

-December 5, 1776
-William and Mary

What is highest recognized honorary fraternity?

Phi Beta Kappa

What three fraternities made up the Union Triad at Union College?

-Kappa Alpha Society, 1827
-Sigma Pi, 1825
-Delta Phi, 1825

What is the nickname for the Union Triad?

Mother of ALL Fraternities

What three fraternities made up the Miami Triad?

-Phi Delta Theta
-Sigma Chi
-Beta Theta Pi

What year was the Miami Triad founded?


What caused the "Snow Rebellion?"

In 1847 member of Alpha Delta Phi and Beta Theta Phi were expelled.

What was the "Snow Rebellion"?

At Miami University, Beta Theta Pi and Alpha Delta Phi piled mounds of snow in front of the administrations' doors/windows causing campus to be shut down for two days.

What three fraternities made up the Lexington Triad?

-Alpha Tau Omega (VMI)
-Kappa Alpha Order (W&L)
-Sigma Nu (VMI)

Who build the first fraternity house? When?

-Chi Psi at Univ. of Michigan
-Built in 1854

What fraternity was founded during the Civil War?

Theta Xi and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY in 1860

PKP began as what?

Began as "Nu Phi", meaning non-fraternity, to compete in the election for positions
in Chrestomathics

What was the secret symbol calling Nu Phi meetings?

Outline of a hand

When PKP founded?

December 10, 1904

What college was PKP founded at?

College of Charleston

When and were was the first Pi Kappa Phi meeting held?

-December 10, 1904
-Simon Fogarty's home at 90 Broad Street in Charleston, SC

Who wrote the first minutes of the first Pi Kappa Phi meeting? What color was the ink?

-Harry Mixon
-Dark Green Ink

Who authored the first ritual of Pi Kappa Phi and when?

-Harry Mixon and Pelzer Wagoner

Who was the first initiate under the ritual written in 1906 and when?

-Henry Patrick Wagoner (Pelzer's younger brother)
-March 24, 1906

What language is the original motto of PKP written in? What did it say? What did it mean?

-Nil Serpar Abit
-Nothing Shall Separate Us

What is the Greek Motto and what does it mean?

-Nothing Shall Ever Tear Us Asunder

What is PKP's Mission Statement?

We will lead.

What is PKP's Vision Statement?

Pi Kappa Phi will redefine fraternity as a lifelong brotherhood of leaders.

What are the 5 pillars of PKP?


What is Push America's mission statement?

Building leaders of tomorrow by serving people with disabilities today

What is Push America's vision statement?

Push America will change the way society views people with disabilities and fraternity.

What is Push America's motto?

"Leadership Through Service"

What is people first language?

Recognize the person before you recognize their disability.

What are the four core values of Push Amer.?


What are the three areas of focus for Push Amer?


What are the 8 programs Push America offers?

-No Boundaries Week - For people w/ Disabilities or Pi Kappa Phi
-Push Academy - Mid- Year (Further Ed for PUSH Com. Chairs)
-Give-a-Push Weekends - Renovate adaptive playground equipment
-Push Camp - Spring Break- renovate camps for people w/ disabilities
-Journey of Hope
-Gear Up Florida - Tallahassee- Began in 1997, $35,000 annually, 25 riders $1500 ea.
-ACCESSAbility - One day, Alumni and brothers make homes more accessible for people
-Build America - Summer experience, construction at camps for people with disabilities

What is the Journey of Hope?

-Cycling fundraiser
-Raises $300,000 annually
-60 undergrad cyclists and 15 crew members

What are the positions of the National Council?

President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Chancellor, Historian, Chaplain

What are the 3 Core Objectives of PKP?

-Build Better Men
-Build Leading Chapters
-Promote Lifelong Brotherhood

What are the seven objectives of chapter excellence?

- Recruitment Success
-Superior Associate Member education
-Academic Achievement
-Sound Chapter Operations
-Live the Ritual
-Commitment to Service
-Effective Alumni Relations

What are the stances of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity?

H azing
A lchohol Abuse
R isk Management
D iversity
S ubstance Abuse
S exual Abuse

What are the Seven Areas of Strategic Action?

-Strengthen our Brotherhood
-Recruit and build better men
-Build lifelong brother hood
-Grow the fraternity
-Strengthen relationship with university
-Better use of finances
-Use of technology

What is a legacy?

Legacy - related in some way to an initiated member

What stance does the fraternity take towards legacy?

Not obligated to extend a bid, but you must give him special attention as an act of respect for whom he is related

List the 11 active chapter in SC?

-College of Charleston, Alpha
-Presbyterian College, Beta
-Furman University, Delta
-University of South Carolina, Sigma
-Wofford College, Zeta
-Lander College, Gamma Rho
-Winthrop College, Epsilon Eta
-University of South Carolina Spartanburg,
-Epsilon Lambda
-Clemson University, Zeta Alpha
-Coastal Carolina, Eta Pi

What three chapters were designated out of order?

-Wofford, Zeta
-USC, Sigma
-Clemson, Zeta Aplha

What are the four entities of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity?

-The National Fraternity
-Push America
-Pi Kappa Phi Foundation
-Pi Kappa Phi Properties

What are the names of the three Pi Kappa Phi leadership conferences?

-Supreme Chapter
-Pi Kapp College

What is Supreme Chapter?

-A national convention that occurs every other year for the purpose of exercising supreme legislative power
- Each chapter sends delegates
-All chapters are temporarily dissolved

What is Midyear?

A national leadership school which focuses on officer training and orientation held in different regionally-based cities over 4 weekends every January

What is Pi Kapp College?

The fraternity's preeminent national collegiate leadership school held in summer, every other year.

What is the name of Pi Kappa Phi's national magazine

-1909: The Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Journal, Henry Patrick Wagener
-1911: Star and Lamp

What are the 4 publications of PKP?

-Gold Book
-Star and Lamp
-Operation Manual
-Alumni Newsletters

What does IFC and PC stand for?

-Intrafraternity council
-Panhellenic council

What does NIC stand for?

North American Interfraternity Conference

What are the old tenants of CLASS?


What are the new tenants of CLASS?


How many types of rushees are there

Three types: Type 1, 2, and 3

What are the three steps to recruitment?

-Getting to know the man
-Create a general interest in the fraternity
-Let him see himself as a part of the fraternity

What is the difference between rush and recruitment?

Rush happens only part of the year, but recruitment is all year long

When is the "sale" over?

After initiation.

What is the percentage a rushee must receive at bid meeting in order to receive a bid?


What is the official flower of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and where did it come from?

-Red rose
-It came from Delta Chapter had to operate sub rosa (Under the Rose - In secret) because greek letter fraternities were illegal in South Carolina

Name two famous Pi Kapps?

-Henry Fowler, Xi (Roanoke), US. Secretary of the Treasury
-Lindsey Graham, Sigma (USC), U.S. Senator

What are the previous and current locations of the National HQ?

-Previous: Charleston, Chicago, Richmond, Sumter
-Current: Charlotte

Four anniversary gifts to College of Char.

-25th: Memorial Gate
-50th: Memorial Clock
-75th: Memorial Rose Garden
-100th: Memorial Bell Tower

When was Delta chapter founded?

March 19, 1909

When and why was Delta chapters charter removed?

-No sub-rosa chapters

When and why was Delta chapter rechartered at Furman?

-Board of Trustees voted to let fraternities on campus

When did Furman abolish Greek letter fraternities?

-June 26, 1962

We became the Star and Lamp Fraternity until reverting to PKP in what year?


What problems lead to the faltering of Delta chapter?

-Low standards
-Low pledge classes

In what year did we accept no new associates?


What happened on January 20, 2000?

Mac McArthur visits Carol Daniels
-Begin planning for re-invigoration of Delta

How many new associates did we gain after rechartering in 2001?

-29 new associates for the fall

Who was our first mixer with? Where?

-White Oaks

What sorority did we get our first homecoming win with? What year?

-Tri Delta

When were all new members together for the first time? What for?

-November 7th
-Big Brother Reveal

What is the date of our rechartering?

March 24, 2001

Who are the first 3 archons after rechartering?

-Mac McArthur
-Dave Traggorth
-Brad Benton

Who are the three most recent archons?

-Thomas Powers
-Forrest Anderson
-Logan Patrick

What are the 7 responsibilities of associate members of PKP?

-Be yourself
-Learn PKP
-Act responsibly
-Be enthusiastic
-Be a friend
-Fill a role
-Take care of yourself

What are the 3 decisions concerning Pi Kappa Phi?

-Accepting the Bid
-Lifelong Commitment

Name all the aspects of Delta Sigma


What order of procedure is used in chapter meetings?

-Call to Order
-Roll Call
-Approval of Minutes
-EC Reports
-Committee Reports
-Old Business
-New Business
-Pass the gavel
-Closing Prayer

What percentage of brothers must be present at a chapter meeting to pass a motion?


What percentage of brothers must vote in favor of amending the Constitution in order for such a motion to pass?


How does a speakers list work?

-3 Pro spots, 3 Con spots
-2 minutes for each speaker

What are the other fraternities on the Furman campus?

-Beta Theta Pi
-Kappa Alpha Order
-Kappa Alpha Psi
-Sigma Alpha Epsilon
-Sigma Chi
-Sigma Nu

Which sororities does Furman have?

-Alpha Delta Pi
-Chi Omega
-Delta Delta Delta
-Delta Gamma
-Kappa Delta
-Kappa Kappa Gamma

Who are the roses of PKP?

Fall Rose- Betsy Lyde
Winter Rose- Nanne Remington
Spring Rose- Everly Groves
Yearlong Rose- Emily Raiford

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