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Gabriella, an average 10-year-old, can probably throw a ball ______ she could when she was six because __________
twice as far as; their muscles, including the heart, are stronger
Which of the following is the biggest determinant of whether a child will develop healthy lifestyle habits?
having parents, teachers, and peers who demonstrate healthy lifestyle habits
Joseph is on an all-boys soccer team at his school. According to your text, which of the following is a potential problem associated with this physical activity?
reinforcement of certain prejudices
Which of the following is a real example of how social influences contribute to childhood obesity?
Policy decisions made by schools consider cost effectiveness more important than nutritious lunches.
The changes made in traffic patterns in Atlanta, Georgia, for the Summer Olympics represented an unexpected ______ level of prevention for asthma by reducing the amount of pollution.
What does the textbook list as possibly "the most important intellectual accomplishment of the school-age child"?
learning to read
About two-thirds of all those who take IQ tests score in the "average" range, that is, between 85 and:
Although the test you are now taking measures many things, it is supposed to be a test of:
A distinct type of intelligence described by Robert Sternberg is:
When children with special needs become adults, their disability usually:
changes-for better or worse.
The child most likely to be diagnosed as ADHD is:
Scott, a North American boy who has concentration difficulties and is very impulsive
Joshua and Tiffany have both been diagnosed with ADHD. Who is more likely to be prescribed medication for the condition?
Most children with learning disabilities:
will find effective strategies for coping with the disability.
Seamus is obsessive about details when drawing pictures. He keeps his bedroom spotless and meticulously organized. He tends to shy away from other children and is awkward when trying to relate to others. Which of the following diagnoses would best fit Seamus's behavior?
Asperger syndrome
Maria has dyslexia. Maria is taught in the regular classroom, where she has her own reading tutor for part of the day and who works with her teacher. This is an example of:
an inclusion class.
Chapter 11 introduces the area of developmental psychopathology. This is the area of psychology that considers psychological disorders from a developmental perspective, looking at how disorders occur or manifest themselves at different points in development. The diagnostic system commonly used in the United States for all areas of psychopathology is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR).

Who publishes the DSM-IV-TR?
American Psychiatric Association
According to your textbook, there are three main behavioral problems associated with ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder). Which of the following is NOT one of those three main problems?
According to the textbook, which of the following children is most likely to be diagnosed with ADHD?
a 4th grade European-American boy
According to the textbook, which of the following children is most likely to be medicated for ADHD?
southern low-income boys
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What is the official term used for ADHD in the United Kingdom?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies three types of ADHD. Which type is more prone to accidents and injuries?
Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type
Studies suggest that someone has a higher risk of developing ADHD if
a close relative has it.
The next three questions refer to the information at the second link above quiz in the unit material.

According to the Medical News Today article, Hispanic children are less likely than white or black children to be diagnosed with ADHD. The research looked at diagnosis by
primary care physicians.
Which of the following is not a reason given to explain why Hispanic kids are less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD?
lack of hispanic health care workers
Children in the Northeast are more likely to be given a drug prescription for ADHD. What does the article suggest might be the reason for this?
the greater number of child psychiatrists in the Northeast
Which of the following is an example of the appropriate use of informal code?
Patty waves wildly to her best friend across a room at a birthday party and says, "hey bf, come over here!"
Concerning bilingual children and second-language learning, which of the following is FALSE?
Information is remembered best in the child's native language, regardless of the language in which the information was learned.
This idea is the basis of the (1)__________ approach. When she actually teaches him basic skills necessary for reading, she uses techniques reflective of the (2)__________ approach
(1)whole-language (2)phonics
Which of the following is part of the hidden curriculum in the school in Nambonkaha?
Those who can't pass the exam should not not bother coming back to school next year
This method is consistent with a society that is highly hierarchical. Status, gender, family connections, ethnicity, and education place one on a specific rung of the cultural ladder. What is that method?
The children are ranked from highest to lowest and this is announced publicly.
When capable of concrete operational thought, children:
can apply their reasoning to real situations.
Identify the statement that demonstrates the principle of reversibility.
Addition can be used to undo subtraction.
Which of the following accurately reflects Vygotsky's view of the education system of his day?
He felt that the rote memorization of facts impeded children's ability to apply their acquired knowledge.
When Brazilian peddlers in middle childhood were tested on mathematical ability:
they did poorly when given a pencil-and-paper test, but did well orally.
A 6-year-old is likely to use ______ to remember a new activity or new concepts.
Given the importance of metacognition, it is helpful for educators to:
teach cognitive strategies.
According to the information-processing theory, children learn concepts best if they:
are taught directly.
The sudden understanding that one's tone of voice and word selection and the context in which the language is used may override the literal content of one's speech requires a complex knowledge of:
the pragmatics of language.
Two factors that play important roles in the connection between low SES and language learning are:
early exposure to language and expectation.
Nicolette is 10 years old. Which of the following most closely reflects her math skills, assuming that she is developmentally normal?
She can add, subtract, multiply, and divide multidigit numbers.
Eduardo is in the fourth grade. Part of the instruction in his classroom is conducted in English and part is conducted in Spanish. His classroom demonstrates:
bilingual education
In the rankings on math achievement (TIMSS), which of the countries does the textbook report to have scored the lowest in 2007?
Which of the following math skills is the most advanced that would be expected of a child in fifth grade?
graphing points on the coordinate plane to solve problems
The problem with smaller school classes is that:
the research supporting their advantages is mixed
VIDEO: The Oksapmin children of Papua New Guinea show that cognitive strategies can be culture-specific in that they learn to count using:
areas and parts of the body.
Read the following response to the Heinz dilemma. What level is suggested by the response?

"If you let your wife die, you will get in trouble. You'll be blamed for not spending the money to save her, and there'll be an investigation of you and the druggist for your wife's death."

The focus of this person's response is on the consequences of stealing. This is egocentric- a concern with what will happen to me.
What is the stage suggested by this response?
Stage One
What is the minimum level of cognitive development required to reason at this level and stage?
Which group of the groups studied demonstrated the highest level of moral reasoning?
While no significant differences were found between the males and females in the kibbutz sample, there were significant differences found where the Moslem girls were concerned. What did they find?
The Moslem girls showed a lower level of moral reasoning than either the Moslem boys or the Christian Arab girls.
What explanation for this do the authors suggest on the basis of the interviews with educators of the different groups?
The cultural and religious differences influenced their school and social behavior, which led to different educational experiences.
The last four questions in this activity focus on a problem that has been in the news a lot recently, bullying. Read the section in the chapter entitled, "Bullies and Victims". According to the material in the chapter, which of the following is FALSE concerning bullying?
Victims of bullying are always withdrawn-rejected, never aggressive-rejected.
Watch the section on bullying in the "Journeys..." video material for this chapter. Sellman reports in the video that both bullies and their victims have something in common. What is it?
the trait of impulsivity
Which type(s) of bullying could this be describing?
physical and relational
There have been several widely-reported cases of cyber-bullying recently, in which the bullying led to tragic results. What type of bullying is reflected in the case of Megan Meier, referred to in the video clip?
Why is it so important that children learn a sense of industry or competence?
It provides a crucial defense against emotional problems.
During the latency stage:
children's emotional drives and psychosexual needs are quiet.
Because schoolchildren judge their own talents and limitations more realistically than preschoolers:
their self-confidence may suffer as they compare themselves with others.
Because John's mother suffers from depression and his father is an alcoholic, John is often neglected. Despite his circumstances, he maintains a positive outlook. What may be helping him keep his positive attitude?
his circle of friends and their activities
Many parents believe that they mold their children's personalities. This belief is challenged by which of the following research findings?
Much more of the environmental effects on personality come from outside the family than was previously believed.
Researchers found that if the mothers of monozygotic twins were more negative toward one of their twins, that twin:
became more antisocial than the co-twin
What percentage of school-age children in the United States live in a single-parent home?
Compared with single-parent homes, two-parent homes usually have:
higher income.
Ten-year-old Mary caught Anne, her best friend, lying to her own mom. Mary will probably:
keep quiet about it.
The best example of an aggressive-rejected child is:
Veru, who is disliked by most children because she is so uncooperative.
Girls who bully typically:
mock and ridicule their victim.
Over time, the consequences of bullying:
may lead to problems with relationships for the bullies and their victims.
If Max responds that "Heinz shouldn't steal because stealing is against the law," he is exemplifying which Kohlberg stage?
Stella's parents observed that she has begun to participate in moral arguments on issues of right and wrong. Her matured moral thinking is due to:
concrete operational thinking and peer experience.
VIDEO: According to Nicki Crick, girls are more likely to use ________ aggression.