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Latin Stage 18 Stories Translations

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Clemens soon restored his store. He hired craftsman, who repaired the doors and walls. He bought many vases and wood ornaments. Although the other storekeepers were very afraid of Eutychus, they gladly started helping Clemens. For Clemens was courteous and gave them help in turn. It was easy for him to make a profit, because he always demanded fair prices.

This store, as I said, was near the temple of the goddess Isis. Quintus, who was respectful to the gods, went daily to this church. There he used to worship the goddess Isis and often dedicated a glass ornament to her.

The priests, who looked after the temple, soon got to know Clemens. Then Clemens joined the followers of Isis. The priests gave him a sacred plum, in which he could read about the secret worship of the goddess. Clemens was accustomed to swimming in the temple with the priests. A sacred dog lived in the temple of the temple. Clemens always petted it and gave it something from his own bed.

Soon Clemens had very many chickens. For the shopkeepers, who were giving tissues to Eutychus unwillingly, gradually came to trust Clemens. The shopkeepers considered Jimmy an enemy, Clemens their companion. At last all did not want to hand over money to Eutychus.

When Eutychus found out about these things, he gathered his European thugs and gave them mugs.

"That Clemens," said Eutychus, "is very handsome. It is necessary for him to pay to penalty. He has avoided our giggles for too long." After the hired pimps took the clubs, they hurried to Micah's store
Clemens would often dine in the temple of the goddess Isis with the other followers of Isis. One day, when he was coming from the temple, in which he had dined, he was returning to his house, and saw a friend running up. The friend was shouting.
"The shop is on fire! Your shop is on fire! Your shop was destroyed by Eutychus and the thugs. I saw then wrenching off the doors, breaking vases, and burning the shop! Flee! Flee from the city! Eutychus wants to kill you. No one is able to resist him and the thugs."
Clemens however did not flee, but hurried as quickly as possible to the shop. After he arrived there, he stood still in front of the shop. He saw the doors wrenched off, the shop destroyed. Eutychus stood outside the shop with his Egyptian thugs, and was smiling. Laughing, Eutychus said,
"My very dear friend! Surely I warned you about this street? Surely you have friends who can come save you? Where are they? Perhaps they are wiser than you."
Clemens with the greatest calm responded to him,
"My friends are not here, but the gods can save me. The gods usually punish wicked men." Eutychus said very angrily,
"What did you say? Do you dare to speak to me in this way?"

Then Eutychus gave the thugs a signal. At once four Egyptians, who were brandishing clubs, began approaching Clemens. Clemens stood firm. The street in which they were standing was deserted. The terrified shopkeepers were watching through the doors of their shops. They had all unwillingly deserted Clemens, as soon as Eutychus and the thugs arrived. Suddenly the sacred cat, which Clemens would usually pet, came out of the temple. It headed straight for Clemens. It jumped into Clemens' hands. All the Egyptians threw away their clubs at once and fell down to Clemens' feet. They would not dare harm Clemens, whom the sacred cat protected. Eutychus was in a rage, he was angry like a bull. Then the cat jumped on Eutychus, and scratched his face violently. "It is better for you to run away," said Clemens. Eutychus himself fled with the terrified thugs. Afterwards he would harm neither Clemens nor the shopkeepers. Soon he even left the city. Now Clemens is the chief of the shopkeepers.