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  1. Which war was an embarrassing defeat for the Russians?
  2. the Ems dispatch
  3. the prisoners of the Vatican
  4. Russian socialists preached the ideas of which German thinker?
  5. Giuseppe Mazzini
  1. a Italian nationalist leader and founder of the Young Italy movement
  2. b Russo-Japanese
  3. c Karl Marx
  4. d The Popes
  5. e A message that Bismarck used to get France to declare war on Germany

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  1. conservative Russian Prime Minister that sought to restore order after the Revolution of 1905
  2. persecutions of the Jews in Russia
  3. the first Emperor of the united Germany
  4. Reichstag
  5. The Balkan Peninsula

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  1. Victor Emmanuel Iname given to the Italian nationalist movement


  2. BundesratTitle for ruler of Germany during the Second Riech


  3. Risorgimento.the war that lasted from 1853-1856 and which pitted Russia against the British, French, and Turks


  4. Kulturkampf.the first Emperor of the united Germany


  5. Italian unity finally came as a result of which warFranco-Prussian


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