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  1. The Powerder Keg of Europe
  2. Russian Tsar that emancipated the serfs in 1861
  3. Russian socialists preached the ideas of which German thinker?
  4. German equivalent to U.S. House of Representatives
  5. William I
  1. a Alexander II
  2. b Karl Marx
  3. c Reichstag
  4. d The Balkan Peninsula
  5. e the first Emperor of the united Germany

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  1. lower house of the German parliament
  2. Franco-Prussian War
  3. A message that Bismarck used to get France to declare war on Germany
  4. Bismarck's attempt to weaken the role of the Church in Germany
  5. The Ottoman Empire

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  1. KaiserTitle for ruler of Germany during the Second Riech


  2. Giuseppe Garibaldithe name of the leader of the Sicilian nationalist force known as the Red Shirts?


  3. Ferenc DeakHungarian leader that helped to create the Dual Monarchy


  4. given to the Italian nationalist movement


  5. the last European country to end feudalismRussia