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  1. Reichstag
  2. Zollverein.
  3. Italian unity finally came as a result of which war
  4. The Powerder Keg of Europe
  5. Realpolitik
  1. a Realistic politics based on the needs of the state and which saw power as being more important than principles
  2. b The Balkan Peninsula
  3. c the economic union created by Prussia that helped end economic barriers among several of the various German states
  4. d Franco-Prussian
  5. e lower house of the German parliament

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  1. Alexander II
  2. the war that lasted from 1853-1856 and which pitted Russia against the British, French, and Turks
  3. The Ottoman Empire
  4. persecutions of the Jews in Russia
  5. Reichstag

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  1. improved banking system, unified currency, improved railroadsthree steps the German government took in 1871 to promote economic development


  2. Giuseppe MazziniItalian nationalist leader and founder of the Young Italy movement


  3. U.S. President that was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating an end to the Russo-Japanese WarTheodore Roosevelt


  4. two countries that were tied together by the Dual MonarchyAlexander II


  5. William Ithe first Emperor of the united Germany