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psychology quiz 2

A chemical found in the synaptic vesicles which, when released, has an effect on the next cell is called a__________.
A specialized cell that makes up the nervous system that receives and sends messages within that system is called a _________.
Because they have similar chemical structures, morphine and heroin are able to lock into receptor sites for ______.
the pain message goes up the spinal column to the central area of the spinal cord instead of going all the way to the brain
Cameron touches a hot iron and immediately pulls his hand away. His quick response occurs because_______.
pain-controlling chemicals
Endorphins are ______.
the bloodstream
Hormones are chemicals that are secreted and go directly into ________.
If Mindy's doctor has taken a series of images of her brain using X-rays, then she has likely had a(n) ________.
Involuntary muscles are controlled by the ________ nervous system
suffered a change in personality.
Ito was driving through a rough part of town late at night when a stray bullet hit the front side of his head. Both the left and right sides of his prefrontal cortex were severely damaged. As a result of the accident, Ito most likely
Jack suffered a brain injury as a result of hitting his head while waterskiing. One of the problems that developed was that Jack could not pronounce certain words correctly for a long period of time until he had extensive speech therapy and can now speak as he did before his accident. This is an example of the brain's ______ which allowed the structure and function of his brain cells to change to adjust to the trauma.
corpus callosum
Pat has decided to undergo surgery to treat her severe epilepsy. Consequently, her doctors will use a surgical procedure during which they will sever her ________.
a process by which neurotransmitters are sucked back into the synaptic vesicles
Reuptake is________.
synaptic vesicles
The saclike structures found inside the synaptic knob containing chemicals are called________.
corpus callosum
The thick band of neurons that connects the right and left cerebral hemispheres is called the ___________.
to speed up the neural impulse
What is the function of myelin?
When a neuron fires, it fires in a(n) ________ fashion as there is no such thing as "partial" firing
Which neurotransmitter is associated with sleep, mood, and appetite?
Mirror neurons
_______________ are fired when an animal performs an action or when the animal observes that same action being performed. For example, an infant will mimic the facial expressions of adults.
Receptor sites
_________________________ are holes in the surface of the dendrites or certain cells of the muscles and glands that are shaped to fit only certain neurotransmitters