Health Final


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Substance Abuse
Any unnecessary or improper use of chemical substances for non-medical purposes
Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids
Synthetic substances similar to male sex hormones
Psychoactive Drugs
Chemicals that affect the CNS and alter activity in the brain
A feeling of intense well-being or elation
Communicable Disease
Disease that is spread forms one living organism to another or through the environment
Substances that kill cells or interfere with their functions
An organism that carries and transmits pathogens to humans or other animals
Scarring of the liver
Inflammatory Response
A reaction to tissue damage caused by injury or infection
White blood cells that attack invading pathogens
Substances that can trigger an immune response
A specialized white blood cell that coordinates and performs many functions of specific immunity
Emerging Infections
Communicable disease whose occurrence in humans had increased within the past two decades or threatens to increase in the near future
A microorganism that infects the digestive system
What can be a negative consequence of drug use?
- Contraction of an STD
What consequence of using marijuana can lead to reproductive system problems?
- Changed Hormone Levels
What substance has a legal medical use when used as an inhalant?
- Nitrous Oxide
Why are Rohypnol and GHB linked to exposure to STDs?
- They are Date Rape drugs
Which type of psychoactive drug is best known for altering sense perceptions?
- Hallucinogens
What is not usually a factor in deciding to use an illegal drug?
- The drug source
Which type of psychoactive drug is best known for altering sense perceptions?
- Hallucinogens
Which is not a warning sign of drug use?
-Allergic Reactions
What drugs are usually taken in through the respiratory system?
- Aerosols, Marijuana, and Nitrous Oxide
What type of psychoactive drug is used medically to block pain messages to the brain?
- Opiates
What hallucinogen is classified as a designer drug?
What are some ways that communities and schools are helping to prevent drug use?
- Drug watches, treatment centers, and drug-free school zones
What are some warning signs of drug use?
- Regular hangovers, blackouts, and weight loss
Which type of drug treatment strategy involves a meeting of people who share a common problem?
- Support Group
The common cold and influenza are caused by?
- Viruses
Malaria, West Nile virus, and Lyme Disease are examples of diseases spread by?
- Bugs, Protozoans
Which habits will help you avoid respiratory tract infections?
- Avoiding close contact with people who are infected, washing your hands often,keeping your hands away from your eyes and nose, and keeping your immune system healthy
Some strains of tuberculosis have become resistant to which form of treatment?
- Antibiotics
What is the most common blood-borne infection in the United States?
- Hepatitis C
What is the role of phagocytes in the inflammatory response?
- Engulf pathogens and then destroy them with chemicals
If you receive antibodies from another person or an animal instead of producing them in your own body, it is called?
- Passive Immunity
Live-virus, killed-virus, toxoid, and second-generation virus are all categories of?
- Vaccinations
To remain effective, some vaccinations need to have what?
- Repeated to maintain immunity
The incidence of emerging infection is? Increasing/Decreasing
- Increasing
The most effective way to prevent infection from Salmonella and E. coli is to?
- Caring for food and the storage of food. Not mass producing food and mass distribution of food. Cooking meat thoroughly is another way
Which of the following is not a strategy for preventing the spread of RWI?
- Relying on chlorine treatments