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Romeo and Juliet Act III

study questions for Romeo and Juliet Act III
How does Mercutio treat Tybalt
He purposely misunderstands what he says and makes puns out of his comments.
Why is Mercutio horrified that Romeo is being forgiving and polite to Tybalt?
Mercutio knows that Romeo has been formally challenged to a duel and thinks he is being cowardly.
What is the source of the conceit of the cat metaphors as they apply to Tybalt.
Mercutio is playing off Tybalt's name which is the same as the King of Cats in a story,.
Why don't Romeo and the others realize right away that Mercutio is seriously hurt?
Mercutio is joking with them to the last minute.
Who does Romeo blame for the fact that he didn't fight Tybalt himself?
It is Juliet's fault because her love has softened his courage and made him effeminate.
Romeo is angry at Tybalt and kills him in a sword fight but who is to blame then?
"O I am fortune's fool! II.i.130 He blames fate.
Who convinces the Prince that Romeo was not the instigator of the fighting?
Benvolio is the witness who tells the whole story,
What does Lady Capulet want?
She wants Romeo killed in revenge for Tybalt's death.
How does old Montague defend Romeo?
He claims that Romeo was justified in killing Tybalt since the law would have had him killed anyway.
What is Romeo's punishment?
He is banished from Verona and may not return on pain of death,
When the nurse comes in crying about a death, who does Juliet think is dead?
She thinks it it Romeo and then that it is both Romeo and Tybalt.
With two people she loves dead, one at the other's hand, who does she side with?
She follows her duty and supports her husband even though he killed her cousin.
Where does the Nurse find Romeo?
He is weeping and blubbering in Friar Lawrence's room in the church.
What sets Romeo off to try to kill himself?
He hears that Juliet is grieving for Tybalt and he tries to kill himself because she must think he is a murderer.
What does Friar Lawrence point out to get Romeo to see that life isn't so bad?
Juliet is alive and still his wife, Tybalt wanted to kill Romeo but Romeo killed him instead, the Prince could have condemned him to death but he banished him instead.
What does old Capulet decide to do to try to comfort Juliet?
Capulet decides to marry her to Paris in a few days.
What "vision" does Juliet see just as Romeo is leaving her after their wedding night?
She thinks she sees him pale and in a tomb.
What is Lady Capulet's plan for getting revenge on Romeo?
She'll pay someone to poison him in Mantua.
How does Juliet react to the new marriage plan with Paris?
She refuses and cries some more.
How does Capulet react to Juliet's refusal?
He threatens to disown her if she doesn't cooperate.
What does the Nurse recommend that Juliet do about Paris?
She recommends that she forget Romeo and marry Paris because he is the better choice.
How does Juliet react to the Nurse's apparent change of heart?
She vows to cut her out of her confidence from then on.
Since the Nurse is now out of the picture, to whom does Juliet go for help?
She goes to Friar Lawrence, thinking that if he can't help her she can always kill herself.