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What are multiple echoes called ?


"Dead spots" in an auditorium are the results of

destructive interference

Twice the freq of a musical note


The pitch of a wind instrument depends on the ____ of the air column


the fundamental mode plus overtones is


the freq of the ___ overtone of a 100 Hz note is 600 Hz


Mixture of sound freq w/ a pattern is


the ___ mode determines the pitch of a musical sound


whole number multiples of the fundamental mode


This is a pulsing sound as the result of interference of sound waves of slightly different frequencies


the first overtone of a note is the _____


random mix of many sound frequencies


sound ___ depends on the number and relative intensity of harmonics


the bending downward of sound waves as they move into a layer of cool air is an example of


decreasing the ___ of a vibrating sting lowers the pitch


when tuning fork matches the freq of a piano string ___ occurs


the pitch of a percussion instrument depends on


Speed of sound in air equation ?

v = 331 m/s + (0.6 m/s/c)(t)

Echo equation?


Velocity equation?


Intensity equation?


Sound waves are ______, ______ waves

mechanical , longitudinal

Sound waves consist of ____ and ____ rather than crests and troughs

compressions and rarefractions

The velocity of a sound wave depends on the ____


The upper limit of sound intensity is called the threshold of ____


THe lower limit of sound intensity is called the threshold of ____

hearing which is 1.0 X 10^-12 w/m^2 at 1000 Hz

Compared to speed of light, sound is much ____ and compared to energy of light, sound is much _____

slower, less

sound waves cannot travel thru a ____


Of the 3 phases of matter, sound travels fastest in


Sound travels slowest in ___


sound travels ___ in hot air then cold air


The ____ range of freq for the avg human is ___

audible, 20-20,000

Sounds of higher freq are called


sounds of lower freq are called


the ____ is the dimensionless unit for B which is relative ____

dB, intensity

sound intensity is ____ divided by ___ and the best measure of loudness

power, areas

sound intensity _____ as the distance from the source increases


change in pitch of a sound as the source and observer move towards or away from ech other is __

doppler effect, used for tracking storms and car speed direction

____ occurs when an outside force matches the ___ freq of an object, result is dramatic increase in ___ of waves

resonance, natural, amplitude

____ can be heard when two tuning forks of diff freq are sounded together. this results from constructive and destructive interference of the two sound waves produced


echoes are ___ sound waves, and ___ are multiple echoes

reflected, reverberation

___ - one is the speed of sound


A ____ plane travels faster than sound


Trailing behind a supersonic plane is a ____ shaped region of compressed air producing a ____ ______

cone, sonic boom

To raise pitch of a wind instrument you ___

decrease size of air column

To raise pitch of string instrument you ___

increase tension, increase density, decreased length of string, and diameter decreases

To raise pitch of a percussion instrument you ___

decrease mass of the object

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