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Wordly Wise Grade 5 Lesson 13

Test for Wordly Wise, book 5 lesson 9.

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accommodate (v.)
1. To have or to find room for.
2. To do a favor for.
aggressive (adj)
1. Ready to attack or to start fights; acting in a hostile way.
2. Bold and active
bask (v.)
1. To relax where it is pleasantly warm.
2. To enjoy a warm or pleasant feeling
carcass (n.)
The dead body of an animal.
conceal (v.)
To keep something or someone from being seen or known; to hide.
flail (v.)
To strike out or wildly swing; to thrash about.
1. (n.) A narrow passage between steep cliffs.
2. (v.) To stuff with food; to eat greedily.
morsel (n.)
A small amount, especially of something good to eat; a tidbit.
protrude (v.)
To stick out; to project.
1. (v.) To form small waves.
2.(n.) A movement like a small wave.
slither (v.)
To move with a sliding, side-to-side motion of the body.
sluggish (adj)
1. Lacking energy; not active
snout (n.)
The nose or jaws that stick out in front of certain animals' heads
1. (v.) To make or become less wide or less thick at one end.
2.To lessen gradually.
3. (n.) A thin candle.
Visible (adj)
1. Able to be seen; exposed to view; not hidden.
2. The condition of being seen.
3. The distance within which things can be seen.

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