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Quizlet Tutorial

Learn all about Quizlet!!!
Make an account
To make an account on Quizlet just go up in the right hand corner at the top and click on the link that says "sign up". Follow the instructions to make an account.
Or trial Quizlet
There is an account called "TRIALACCOUNTpasswordvisit", and the password is visit, and it is a great trial account for those of you who want to just get your feet wet without completely diving in.
Confirm your account
To confirm your account you need to check your email and click on the confirmation link attached inside of the email. After you go to the confirmation link, your account will be officially made and you are ready to get started.
Make sets
To make flash cards just click on "make flash cards". You can do all kinds of things with your flash cards including...adding images, adding text and even more!
Combine sets
Go to a set you want to combine with others, click combine, and scroll through your favorites to add other sets to your combination.
Find other sets
Just click "find flash cards" and search for you friend's flash cards.
Join groups
Groups are another great way to study. Join a few to gain access to helpful sets already sorted out and selected for you! After you join, just click a set and if you like it, add it to favorites!
Here is a group to get started:
(A study group with OVER 400 already saved helpful flash card sets!)
Play games
Games are automatically made when you make your flash cards. You can play them whenever you please.
That is all
That is all that you need to know to get started on Quizlet. Make an account, Play around, And have fun on Quizlet.com!