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A metric ruler is used to the precision of 1 mm to measure 23 similar objects. The mean value is returned in Excel as 2.1866379 cm. What is the properly rounded mean?
A. 2
B. 2.1
C. 2.2
D. 2.18
E. 2.19
F. 2.186
G. 2.187
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A chloroplast represents which level of organization? A. Organ B. Organelle C. Community D. PopulationOrganelleIf Carolus Linnaeus came to New York in his lifetime, he could have witnessed the: A. War of 1812 B. World War 1 C. Civil War D. Revolutionary WarRevolutionary WarIn the Linnaean classification of an organism, which would be the highest (largest, most-inclusive) taxon? A. Class B. Order C. Genus D. PhylumPhylumThe number of extant species on Earth is: A. Estimated B. More than 1.5 million C. Not known for sure D. All of theseAll of theseWhich kingdom contains the most species? A. Animalia B. Plantae C. Fungi D. Archae E. BacteriaAnimaliaThe plant group with the most species: A. Algae B. Mosses C. Conifers D. Ferns E. FlowersFlowersThe animal group with the most species: A. Amphibians B. Birds C. Reptiles D. Mammals E. ArthropodsArthropodsThe human kingdom is: A. Animalia B. Plantae C. Fungi D. ArchaeaAnimaliaThe correct binomial for one human is: A. Homo Sapiens (italics) B. Homo sapiens C. Homo sapien (italics) D. Homo sapiens (italics)Homo sapiens (italics)This pair is not one species: A. Wolf-Dog B. Horse-Donkey C. African-Asian HumansHorse-DonkeyIf Charles Darwin came to the USA after publishing Origins of Species, he could have witness the: A. War of 1812 B. World War 1 C. Civil War D. Revolutionary WarCivil WarDarwin recognized that species: A. Changed over time B. Became extinct C. Will change D. All of theseAll of theseDarwin's contribution to Taxonomy was emphasis on: A. Space B. Time C. Life D. GeneticsTimeThe nucleus evolved on the line leading up to the: A. Archaea B. Bacteria C. Eukarya D. AnimalsEukaryaThe tree of life shows that the organisms found on planet Earth the longest are: A. Animalia B. Bacteria C. FungiBacteriaThe tree of life shows that the organisms found planet Earth share a common ancestor: A. True B. FalseTrueThe closest relatives to humans: A. Archae B. Bacteria C. Fungi D. Protista F. PlantaeFungiIn the tree of life, the organisms across the top are: A. Extinct B. Extant C. Emigrating D. DeadExtantA branch that ends well below the top of a cladogram indicates that the species at its end: A. Went extinct B. Is extant C. Is still evolving D. Is deadWent extinctA cladogram showing all the organisms on earth would have this many twigs: A. Darwin's dozen B. A few hundred C. Thousands D. More than a millionMore than a millionFeatures found in the ancestor of humans include: A. Gills B. Tail C. Tetrapod leg D. Fur E. Milk F. All of theseAll of these