Quiz 2 Questions and Answers

Science is:
A. A methodical way to gain truth
B. The study of living organisms
C. A control and a treatment
D. A path to prove ideas
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Required in an experiment. but not in a study: A. A control B. Time C. >2 variables D. PlanningControlHypotheses are not proven because of this error: A. Accident B. Calculation C. Chance D.MeasurementChanceA hypothesis that has been thoroughly tested by many scientist from many perspectives, and yet has never failed to explain the observation: A. Axiom B. Speculation C. Theory D. LawTheoryWhich property of life does not happen within the lifespan of an individual organism? A. Cellular structure B. Metabolism C. Acclimatization D. AdaptationAdaptationWhich property of life involves the central dogma (DNA>RNA>protein)? A. Cellular structure B. Process energy C. Process information D. AdaptationProcess information