Chapter 9: Europe

The Rom or Romani, colloquially known as "Gypsies," originally came from ______ and are well-known throughout Europe for their music-making.
Byzantine chant is typical of the religious singing of the ______.
Greek Orthodox church
A(n) ______ is the primary instrument used in Spanish Flamenco music.
A distinctive feature of the Russian ______ is its triangular shaped body.
The Highland pipes are the most distinctive bagpipes of ______.
The "Uillean" pipes are distinctive because ______.
the performer pumps a bellows with his elbow to fill the air bag
The sound of the hurdy gurdy is produced by ______.
turning a crank attached to a wheel to vibrate the strings
The ______ bagpipes are often used as a symbol of the British military.
Béla Bartók is a well-known composer and early ethnomusicologist noted for his transcriptions of ______ folk songs.
When Bulgarian singers perform close intervals, such as a minor or major second, they seek to create tension in the music ______.
by "ringing like a bell"