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verb look forward to; to expect be aware of and to provide for beforehand


adjective 1.unable to pay one's debts and free by law from doing so 2.left without any worth or value verb to leave without worth or value


adjective short; not long-lasting verb to give a short explanation or set of instructions to do noun a statement, giving the main points in a case, for use in court of law


adjective 1.quick; active 2.stimulating; refreshing


noun a plan for spending money during a certain period of time verb to plan the use of careully


verb to try to win against others competition noun 1.the act of trying to win against others 2.a contest competitor one who competitor noun one who competes against others


verb to make difficult complicated adjective not easy or simple; having many different parts


verb to make happen noun a result effective adjective 1.bringing about the desired result operation; active 3.making a strong and favorable impression


verb to be wrong or to do wrong error noun a mistake erroneous adjective mistake; wrong


noun something that contributes to a result


noun something that is very popular for a short time, then forgotten


verb complain annoy or irrate noun a complaint


noun a special talent or skill; ability to do something easily


noun free time not taken up with work leisurely adjective slow; relaxed


adjective the only one if its kind

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