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Drenched in Light (Hurston)

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This short story is reflective of some aspects of Hurston's life and is therefore somewhat autobiographical. "Drenched In Light" unfolds the story of Isis, a young girl living with her strict, traditional grandmother. Isis is head strong and finds herself in situations atypical of an African American child of the early 1900s.

-told from a child's point of view.
-She was raised by her grandmother, whose strict discipline made her constantly think of ways to escape.
-isis is drenched in light meaning she's really positive and uplifting despite her living situation and poverty
-Isis leaves house without telling her grandparents and she steals her grandma's table cloth and wears it as a dress, makes her skin smell like lemon, her grandma sees her
-- One day, when Isis got into serious trouble and made her grandma terribly angry, she ran away and tried to kill herself.
-The truth is that Isis was just an innocent child, who did not know any better.
- Luckily, when the girl tried to drown herself, the white lady, who was passing nearby, noticed her.
-She became utterly charmed by this young, free girl, and just wanted to be drenched in her light.
- the white people are taking her back to her house and grandma gets pissed, white ppl wanna take isis back to hotel to dance for them,
-grandma gets pissed about table cloth and makes deal w/ white people that isis can go dance if they pay her for tablecloth,
-isis brings happiness to white people, money doesn't make you happy, concept of the minstrel show,
-Zora Neale Hurtson was dancing for the white people herself basically by being too fluffy when talking about conditions of blacks,
-isis is a static character bc she doesn't change but changes the people around her.