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How are the burgers done?

Pink, no pink, or well done

7 cheeses?

American, Blue cheese crumbles, cheddar, mozzarella, provolone, swiss, pepper-jack

Big 3?

mayo, lettuce, tomato

Big 4?

mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle

Big 5?

mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion

Big 6?

mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, red pickle relish

What do all burgers that start with "B" get?

big 3

What kind of cheese do all bbq burgers get?


What does the rr gourmet cheeseburger get?

big 6 and guests choose the cheese

Vegetarian choices?

Gardenburger brand and boca burger brand

Which burger has no cheese?


What cheese goes on the mushroom burger?


What does the guacamole burger not have?


What does the cali burger not have?


What goes on the royal red robin burger?

bacon, cheese, egg, mayo, lettuce, tomato

What's the definition of a smiling burger?

A smiling burger wows our guests every time! The bun is wrapped, never torn. All ingredients are fresh and visible 100% of the time!

Service wear

red round basket

Fountain sodas?

coke, diet coke, sprite, hi c, root beer, dr. pepper


apple, orange, lemonade, cranberry, grapefruit, pineapple, tomato, fruit punch

how is coffee served?

coffee mug with a teaspoon on the side, 2 creamers upon request, no saucer

milkshake flavors?

chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, blueberry-vanilla, banana, raspberry or peach

ingredients and amounts in freckled lemonade?

mound glass of ice, 2 oz strawberries, 5 oz lemonade in a tornado glass with a lemon wedge and a large red straw

rookie magic ingredients?

a. w. c. 3 oz vol., rainbow sprinkles 1/8 oz, oreo cookie, large red straw

What do malts get that milkshakes don't?


1st step in responsible service?

knowing the effects alcohal has on the human body

factors that effect absorption rate?

gender, body size, rate of consumption, lack of food, medications

only what can eliminate alcohal from the body?


what to do if a customer reaches level 2 consumption? (2)

offer food or non-alcoholic beverages to the guest, keep the manager informed

what to do if a customer reaches level 3 consumption? (3)

notify manager immediately, stop further alcohal consumption, serve complimentary food

What age should a customer be carded?


viable forms of identification?

passport, military i.d., state i.d., liscense

propper concentration for quat sanitizer?

220 ppm

nine locations of quat sanitizers?

nieco/broiler, hot side, cold side, saute, prep, all side stations, rc, dmo, expo/salad station

towels per quat bucket?


2 locations for quat towels?

bucket or hand

how often should the quat buckets be changed?

every 2 hours or as needed

handwashing procedure: using soap and hot water, scrub ____ for at least ____. Rinse with ____. Dry with a ____ towel.

hands and wrists, 30 seconds, hot water, single-use/disposable

always wash hand after... (3)

clocking in, using the bathroom, blowing nose, coughing, and sneezing

critical control point def.

steps where special care is necessary in order to minimize potential food-borne illness

chicken ccp...

165 degrees

seafood ccp...

145 degrees

rad burger/petite burger

165 degrees

some pink burger...

160 degrees

child with a 6 ounce burger ccp...

175 degrees

danger zone ccp...

41 degrees to 140 degrees

food contact surfaces-

all food contact surfaces must be kept sanitized, free of debris, and without stains or cracks

feet from an accident...

10 foot perameter

bandages worn?

red robin blue bandages

all bandages worn on hands must be covered by... (2)

finger cot or food glove

All toxic items must be properly ____, _____, and ____.

stored, labeled, and used

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